Yuyu (Boo)



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*probably going to be a replacement for Loki, despite looking like a ghost savannah*

[ W I P ]

  • Yuyu "Boo" Ikarika

  • Age Unknown
  • Gender Female [Bi]
  • Race Ghost neko
  • Role "I can haz friendz?"
  • Alignment "...what?"

"Y-you can't see me, c-can you?"

Boo, or Yuyu, as her actual name is, is a ghost, meaning she has the power to possess/haunt things. She gets really nervous around humans, never really met any (like, became friends with them) since becoming a ghost, and it hurts her when people touch her, particularly her tail. She has two forms, a "humanoid form" and a "spirit form," the former she created so that she could be anywhere near humans without her small and adorable spirit form attracting so much attention. (Her spirit form is roughly two feet tall and four feet long, minus the tail. Not to mention it looks super pettable h-) However, her giant tail/hand thing stays in both forms, not to mention her white hair and miscolored "skin," adding up to not very much of an effect. This is also why she goes by either Yuyu or Boo, because she just stopped caring about her name sounding adorable.

Trivia/Possibly Accepted Headcanons

  • When touched, Yuyu feels a burning sort of sensation, strongest in her tail. This curse has proven to not happen when healing magic has recently been used, and does not happen when other ghosts touch her.


DoB: October 31st
Origin: Unknown
Height: Humanoid form 5'2", spirit form 2'2"
Demeanor: scaredy-cat [+5 IRONY]
Theme: Said - Nya
  • caves
  • pranks
  • cats
  • human confrontation
  • tail petted
  • demons >:c
  • details of her..death




Yuyu Ikarika was previously a super cute smul child. Unfortunately in that life she never made it out of childhood - killed by a house fire. Very unfortunate. As a spirit, she treated well by other child spirits, however, most of them found a way to move on and Yuyu didn't. Confused and saddened that all her friends had left, she eventually tried to stab herself in the chest. This had two results: the first, her chest gained a dark red spot and a hole, the second, she was trapped. Never would disappear. Stuck as a ghost. An adorable ghost that gets hurt when humans touch her, and she was absolutely adorable. O o f.

So for a while she changed her identity - she (visibly) closed up her ears, gave herself a less pettable appearance, and went by the name Boo instead. This worked for some time, but then she got moved. Her previous home, somewhere in Japan, was destroyed, forcing her to move to someplace different. This new place (Seattle) thought this persona was even better than the old one, or worse, from Yuyu's point of view. She was forced to move into an abandoned building just because it felt like she was on fire when the children hugged her spirit form, and she almost provided some inspiration for Monster High thanks in large part to her persona name. So now she just doesn't care and goes by either one.


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