01. Jesmyn ♕



11 months, 1 day ago


Sins: Greed and Envy

Aster's ex (before she died) and current (after meeting in the fmn/cd world) gf)

Before she died, she was a person that loveeeees riches. The type that'd look for a or multiple sugar daddies. However due to her greediness and a toxic feeling of envy towards people who are rich and happy, she got herself killed when she tried to invade their spaces and steal their riches, even dangerously threatening and questioning how could they be happy when she had everything while still feeling empty.She started to ruin those people's lives. But her life ended when she was accidentally pushed off from the 55th floor balcony.
After she died, she felt unfulfilled, depressed, alone. She wondered what went wrong, why did her life took this turn and became the way it is. She decided to take a step back and looked back into her life, her childhood before she became a gold digger. She remembered being happy planting flowers and vegetables with her mom. She give it a go after many many years. This has changed her as a person and became a very kind, loving woman who loves to garden! She a has collection of many many flowers.