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Adult - Female - Dragon - Bi - April 17th



Frost is confident in herself and her abilities, one of her most prominent being her ability to think quickly, and is a daredevil at heart. She's traveled all over the continent of Zaphiara in search for her next thrill, and often returns home to tell her friends about her adventures and stunts. She doesn't normally take the time to get close to others due to how often she's on the move, but will always do her best to keep in touch with her friends.

Frost lives in the moment, and doesn't bother thinking about the past or future. She doesn't let small setbacks in life bring her mood down. She's good at coming to a decision and doesn't often second guess herself. Most of the time, While Frost loves to pull risky stunts, she believes safety is important, and won't risk her own life just to see something through.


Frost is a slim ice and water dragons who's 5'7ft tall. She has an emerald necklace she likes to wear, and likes to also carry her satchel with her.


  • Flying
  • Swimming
  • Napping
  • Snow
  • Gems


  • Overly noisy places
  • Storms
  • Planning ahead
  • Spiders
  • Volcanoes


S/O: Noeala
Parents: Winter and Kelvin
Friends: Hunter and Wesley
Enemies: N/A


  • Loves to swim and freeze water so she can kinda skate around on the ice
  • When it gets too hot she has a hard time using her ice breath
  • She has a hoard of gems and other shiny things
  • She's is an excellent flyer and can fly at high speeds
  • Her parents are water and ice dragons, while her grandma, Crystal is an ice dragon, and her grandpa, Raiden is an electric dragon


In her canon she's an anthro, so so can be dragon anthro or feral. If she's drawn anthro she doesn't have breasts
Her necklace and satchel are optional, though the necklace is preferred
Depending on how you draw dragons, she can be drawn with paw pads or a darker color on the sole of her feet. Though the preference is just normal dragon feet


Frost was born and raised on Zaphiara, the Dragon Isles, of Peluna. Like most of the dragons there, she's always loved the peace and quiet. She explored what the isles had to offer when she could. Frost heard about how there are other continents far from Zaphiara, but she didn't have any interest in them as a young dragon. She liking making a new friend or two, but was more focused on checking out her surroundings than making new friends. Frost was happy with where she was. It didn't take a lot to make her happy.

Her life changed when a couple of newcomers came to the isles. She never really saw any other animals besides other dragons or dinosaurs here. She watched them for a bit before one of them came up to her. She learned that they were Hunter and Wesley. The latter asked for a tour, which she happily gave. She was told about Wesley's travels and how Hunter came from a small island village. After a few weeks, she helped them get to Wesley's home on Asira. She and Hunter was given cell phone that he bought before Wesley went back to traveling. Frost decided to stay with Hunter for awhile before he found a place to settle. She said her goodbyes and went on her way.

Frost decided to check out Asira. She learned many new things before going off and finding herself on a snowy continent. She loved it there! It took her some time before she finally went back home to Zaphiara. Frost ended up making a second home in the tundra, and now likes to go there during the hotter months so she can stay cool. She often goes to visit Wesley or Hunter one her way to the tundra, and likes their little get togethers when they have them.

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