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Full Name Frost (Dragon)
Gender Female (She/Her)
Age Adult
Sexuality Bi
Birthday April 17th
Occupation Undecided
Residence Zaphiara
Likes Flying and air tricks, Swimming, Napping, Snow, Gems
Dislikes Overly noisy places, Storms, Planning ahead, Spiders, Volcanoes
Partner N/A
Parents Winter and Kelvin
Friends Hunter and Wesley
Enemies N/A

"Don't think I can pull this off? Just watch me!"


Frost is highly confident in herself and her abilities, one of her most prominent being her quick thinking skills. She has to be quick with all that flying and tricks she does in the air! She's traveled all over her home continent of Zaphiara in search of her next thrill, and often returns home to tell her friends about her adventures and stunts. She doesn't normally take the time to get close to others due to how often she's on the move, but will always do her best to keep in touch with her friends.

Frost lives in the moment, and doesn't bother thinking about the past or future. She doesn't let small setbacks in life bring her mood down. She's good at coming to a decision and doesn't often second guess herself. Most of the time, while Frost loves to pull risky stunts, she believes safety is important, and won't risk her own life just to see something through. She's a lover of gems, and while she doesn't like that she fits into that dragon sterotype, she'll happily trade something for a gem she has her eyes set on.


Frost is a slim ice and water dragon who's 5'7ft tall. She has an emerald necklace she likes to wear, and likes to also carry her satchel with her.


  • Loves to swim and freeze water so she can skate around on the ice
  • When it gets too hot she has a hard time using her ice breath
  • She has a hoard of gems and other shiny things
  • She's is an excellent flyer and can fly at high speeds
  • Her parents are water and ice dragons, while her grandma, Crystal is an ice dragon, and her grandpa, Raiden is an electric dragon

Drawing Notes

  • In her canon she's an anthro, so she can be drawn anthro or feral. If she's drawn anthro she doesn't have breasts
  • Her necklace and satchel are optional, though the necklace is preferred
  • Depending on how you draw dragons, she can be drawn with paw pads or a darker color on the sole of her feet. Though the preference is just normal dragon feet
  • She doesn't have fur/hair! Those are her spines and shouldn't be drawn like hair. The way they're drawn on the ref is how they should look



Frost thinks Hunter is fun to be around.


Frost likes going to Wes for ideas of where to go to next.


Frost was born and raised on Zaphiara, the Dragon Isles of Peluna. Like most of the other dragons and dinosaurs, she's always loved how peaceful it was there. While she never saw it herself, she heard many tales of what Zaphiara use to be like. Isolated from the rest of the world, and the only fueds were dragons and dinosaurs trying to get along. She liked how things were now. With Zaphiara belonging to dragons and dinosaurs alike, and other species respecting the land and magic. While she did hear about the other continents of Peluna as a young dragon, Frost didn't have any interest in traveling there. She loved the home she had here. And while she liked making a new friend or two here and there, she was more focused on exploring what Zaphiara had to offer. It didn't take very much to make her happy.

After she learned how to fly, Frost was in the air as long as she could be! She'd push herself to her limits and had a hard time knowing when to stop. It got to the point where her parents had to fly after her! Frost quickly became an agile, speedy flyer who loved doing air tricks. Her feats grew in difficulty to the point her parents had to stop her and really get it into her head that she should be more concerned about her safety. It took a long time to sink in, but Frost finally understood after seeing how worried her mother became.

While she was still a young dragon, Frost's grandparents gave her a gem necklace that she still wears to this day. This gift started her love of gems. Frost started to collect all kinds of gems, from raw or cut gems to jewelry that caught her interest. Before she knew it, Frost had made herself a small hoard of gems that only kept growing bigger and bigger! She's proud of her little hoard, despite the fact that it slotted her into the stereotype of dragons with hoards of treasure. She liked gems, and she wasn't going to change that!

Her life changed when a couple of newcomers came to the isles. Frost didn't normally interact with many tourists or newcomers to the continent, but these two were quick to come and talk to her. She learned that their names were Wesley and Hunter, and after explaining that they were traveling, Wes asked for a tour. Frost deicded it'd be fine, and showed them around the isles. She was told about Wesley's travels and how Hunter came from a small island village on Zemus. Frost gradually bonded with the two of them, and eventually called them her friends. After a few weeks, she helped them get to Wesley's home on Asira. After Wes bought Hunter a phone, the three exchanged numbers, and Wes went on his way. Frost decided to stick with Hunter for a bit, and the two traveled Asira for a little until he found a place there to call home. She stuck around to help move his things, then said her goodbyes to do some traveling on her own.

Frost decided to check out Asira first, and she learned many new things before going off and finding herself on the snowy continent of the Sparkling Fields. She loved it there! It took her some time before she finally went back home to Zaphiara. Frost ended up making a second home in the tundra, and now likes to go there during the hotter months so she can stay cool. She often goes to visit Wesley or Hunter on her way to the tundra, and likes their little get togethers when they have them.

Present Day

Frost is still pulling off awesome tricks and visiting her friends.

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