🍰 Basic Info 🍰

🍰 Name: Celania Charlotte Christopher Callie Connor Rose-Coal-Alstrom
🍰 Nicknames: Celina, CC, Her Highness, Her Majesty
🍰 Age: 28
🍰 Birthday: January 31st
🍰 Sex: Female
🍰 Gender: Genderfluid
🍰 Pronouns: She/He/They
🍰 Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Panromantic | Pansexual | Polyamorous | Married to Cenlar and Brine
🍰 Height: 4'8"
🍰 Species: Human/Goddess
🍰 Job: Queen of Creatoria/Potion Brewer

🍰 Game/Server Info 🍰

🍰 Home Server: Creaturae
🍰 Biome They Live In: Plains
🍰 Preferred Weapon: Enchanted Diamond Sword "Old Faithful" | Unbreaking Infinity and Sharpness V
🍰 Favorite Block: Magenta Wool
🍰 Favorite Item: Pink Dye
🍰 Favorite Mob: Rabbits

🍰 Personals 🍰

🍰 Strengths: Great brewing memory, great physical strength, and great mob knowledge.
🍰 Weaknesses: Very emotionally sensitive, very empathetic, and very curious
🍰 Powers: None (Yet!)
🍰 Likes: Apples, bubbles, roses, spending time with her family, and knitting
🍰 Dislikes: Skeletons, heights, her friends or family hurting, and bugs
🍰  Personality: Celina is a kind girl with a heart of gold. She's willing  to take in almost anyone and help them when they truly need it. She's  very smart with a great memory, especially with little details in  people, or with brewing. She's tough when it comes to fighting for her  friends. She's also very open-minded and very honest. The downside it  that Celina can be very empathetic and will give a second chance to  people who shouldn't get one. She feels bad about it afterwords and  tends to beat herself up over it. She can also be very stubborn and  won't budge from her goal unless she reaches it or wears herself out.  Celina is sensitive when it comes to her emotions, not taking harsh  words or breaks in her trust very well. But she tries to be a positive  influence to everyone around her.
🍰 History:  Celania, mostly known as Celina, was born the youngest of ten children.  Her parents and siblings loved her dearly. When she was 14, her parents  were killed in a skeleton attack and she mourned for them. Celina and  her siblings decided to split and move to new biomes away from their  forest village. Celina chose a plain and began to build her castle  there. While doing so, she met Steve and Cenlar, the latter being an old  childhood friend of hers. Celina and Cenlar ended up falling in love  and marrying. They built up their current kingdom. When Celina was 18,  she met and changed Herobrine for the better, helping him become a  better person. Since then, Celina has made many friends, had her and  Cenlar's twins, and married Brine into her relationship. However, she's  been conflicted lately. She had realized that she may not be entirely  human...

🍰 Trivia
🍰 Celina loves to sing and can play a few instruments, like the piano and violin.
🍰 Celina has a computer from a more modern and modded server. She plays Overwatch and is a Mercy main.
🍰 She has the habit to call people, "Sweetie," "Dear," or, "Sweetheart."
🍰 Her favorite food is rainbow brownies.
🍰 She's a part time monster hunter and can brew all kinds of potions.
🍰 When Celina experiences extreme emotion, magenta smoke will emit from her eyes.