Team Nice Dyna-mutt


Basic Info


Gavino / Mogar




Demiromantic | Demisexual


Ambiguous Dog/Canine


Tumultuous • Inseparable • Troublemakers

Gavino is carefree and lighthearted, though he enjoys getting into mischief - especially with Mogar! He knows Mogar has a short temper, and Gavino often teases him just to watch him get all riled up. It usually backfires though, as Mogar's ability to shoot sparks and Gavino's flammability can make for an "explosive" combination. Like a (Minecraft) Creeper, smoke accompanied by a hissing sound emanates from Gavino's body any time he's feeling fearful, anxious, or surprised. His tiny wings allow him a slight advantage when jumping or falling, but he cannot actually fly. Gavino is quite a lot more clever and creative than his actions imply.

Mogar might put on a rough and rowdy exterior, but he's deeply caring and loyal at heart. Despite spewing insults and threatening violence, he wouldn't cause any serious harm to his boy, and he'll unleash hell on anyone who does! He's also a glutton for McDonalds and involuntarily spits sparks from his mouth anytime he's provoked or aggravated. Sparks can easily catch flame, making it appear as though he can breathe fire when especially riled up. His bearskin cloak, diamond sword, and ignitable temper make him a warrior that few want to get on the bad side of.

Despite a stereotypically hot-and-cold relationship, the Dyna-mutts always remain inseparable.
- Gavino and Mogar are based on the Minecraft personas of Gavin Free and Michael Jones from Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth!
- I mostly created these characters as fun little self-indulgent OCs to ship. Anything from bromance to raunchy is totally okay with me! I really love cute fluff the most, but sometimes I need a solid punch in the heart, so angst is good too. I will probably die if you draw me shippy art of these characters, I love them so much    
- I don't mind artistic styles that are slightly anthropomorphic, but please do not draw these guys as full-on anthros.
- The Dynamutts are part (and founding members) of the #RTmuttsAU. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the Mutts AU and create AH/RT personalities based on these designs & theme. Read about, join, and contribute to the [RTMuttsAU Here]! PLEASE show me if you make any #RTMuttsAU content!! ♥
- Feel free to watch this 4 minute [video] to get a snippet of their personalities/relationship if you have no idea who they are (of course Mogar is not always this angry).