Dina Raptorix



6 months, 27 days ago


(Name is not final. If anyone has any ideas, do tell me)

Despite how much I love Aki, DIna has now become my main One Piece oc.

A ancient zoan type devil fruit user. Uses the Utahraptor model. I have yet to work out if it would still be even called a Utahraptor since Utah doesn't exist in One Piece

She tends to stay well away from cold environments, since raptors are cold blooded. Even when on a hot island, she will always wear her two scarves. She always seems to feel cold, but unless near a winter island, she doesn't seem bothered by it. Not cold to the touch, but not exactly as warm as normal people.

Despite being a carnivore type zoan fruit, her strength was not boosted as much as others, instead speed was increased. However, she will slow down whilst in cold areas, but appear to be more active when it's warm, like a snake.

Her villages local delivery-raptor. Friendly and easy to get along with. However there are rumours that she works with Kotone during the nights, her fruit powers making her the perfect killer. No one can work out if it is true as, whilst she does carry a sword, no one has seen her fight. Her devil fruit abilities are usually enough to ward off any simple trouble makers.

Whilst trained to use all sorts of weapons to at least a basic degree, she only uses two types of blades, the dual curved blades she has dubbed "raptor claws" and her katana. Unless off the island, she'll only carry her katana around during the day and the raptor claws at night to try and keep both lives separate with less chance of being caught.