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-Steal, reference, kin, etc any of my characters!

-Get an attitude with me if I don't accept your offer!

-Offer on anyone marked with NFT/NFS


-Offer on my characters XD

-Be nice!

-Don't drop lowballs on my characters

You Are Welcome To

-Make art of my mains

-ASK to kin with my characters

-ASK for character relationships

-Gift OC's .3.


I say alot of cuss words, so if that offends you, please tell me ahead of time.

I'm a minor!

I have some LGBTQ+ stuff all over my TH, so if you don't support it or are uncomfortable around it, don't talk to me and/or stay out of my TH

There are some images with gore and blood in them sometimes, so if you feel uncomfortable with it, please don't complain and if you do, just stay out of my TH

I have anger issues so if I snap at you, blame that XD

As of right now, I am only accepting Character Trades > Art > DA points > WP currency. So please do not offer anything besides that.

I do not do anthro OC's, I dislike them. So do not offer them or you will be ignored. 

I refuse to draw anthro creations, so if you ask, you will be ignored.

Have the loveliest of all lovely days!

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