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Name: Viurdr

Homeland: Jungles in India

Species: Branded Python

Diet: ... What do you think?!

Powers: hypnotize, change into a Naga form, and speak in multiple languages.

Personality: very charming, protective, hates being woken up while sleeping, can be sneaky, and loves to sun bathe.

History:  This snake works to protect an ancient and hidden temple of snakes in  the jungles of India. This temple holds holy water, which can cure any  sickness and make anyone healthy. Only those who have proven themselves  worthy will he allow to enter. How does he know if one is worthy? There  are several trails near the temple that tests the moral of one who may  try and enter. If they are morally good, then he will make himself  appear before them and take upon his naga form, where he will guide them  to the water. If they are morally evil, then he will kill and eat them.  

Character belongs to me, but I adopted from