Akroma & Ipsilon



3 years, 2 months ago


Steampunk-inspired dragon named Akroma. His wings can be folded in a paper-fan-like manner, and the massive coal oven that makes up his chest will provide enough heat to smelt even tough metals when shot through the dragon's jaws. It's headlight eyes are bright by default and will not turn off unless you turn off the mechanical creature itself.

The significantly smaller robot to his left, Ipsilon, is a maintenance droid, created solely to follow bigger machinery and perform smaller repair tasks on them. Among other things he has a welding tool and some spare drops of oil in case Akroma's gears start messing up. There are thin, retractable limbs on Ipsilon's torso, and he has a way to latch itself onto the dragon when not in use. It can also emit a signal from the sender on its head if the dragon has crashed and needs bigger repair, letting the owners track them down.