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Basic Info


Grem2 (Closed species by MrGremble)


Official Guest Artist Design (Front by http://verlidaine.deviantart.com, backside interpreted by http://arvata.deviantart.com)




Poncho (Stylized)





"Are you feeling unwell? Here, try some chamomile tea! It's really good for soothing the nerves."

Name: Chamomile
Nicknames: Cham, Chammi, May (A "human" name jokingly given to her by the children she took care of)
Gender: None (Identifies as female)
Age: Young adult
Height: Below average
Weight: Fitting for her height
Body Type: Slim
Residence: Humble apartment in a big city
Intended Occupation when Ordered: Caretaker for the family's two children (This is also the reason for her bright, vivid and friendly-looking design, inspired by the soothing properties of chamomile flowers)
Current Occupation: Nurse

Personality Traits:
-Caring (Always offers to help others with their problems. She goes into intense healer mode if someone gets physically injured, regardless of who it is)
-Always polite
-Very naive
-Easily excited/pleased
-Easily bullied (Not a fighter, both by skill and choice)

Likes: Her friends, being outside, other people's wellbeing, sweet flavours, hot chocolate, sunny weather, lullabies, dancing, animals, nature

Dislikes: Conflict, horror movies, gore, cold weather, sickness, injuries, unsanitary conditions, bad hospital news about patients, cruel people, sour/bitter flavours, taking risks

Chamomile spent her first few years happily within a well-off family with two children, tasked to watch over them and keep them company(along with other regular household chores). The owners were loving and kind, treating Chamomile almost as the "big sister" in the family, giving her the freedom and support to grow her own dreams. Through this, she discovered the joy and grace of dancing, and would often to her owners' delight be seen practicing this around in the house. Once the children begun their studies and she was no longer needed, she parted with her family and traveled by herself to a much larger city, eager to begin her own life. With no past experience but instructions and advice from her owners, she finds a humble apartment and begins to pursue the profession of healing, some semesters later to become a nurse at the local hospital. Her years of watching over the well-being of her family comes well in handy there, and combined with her natural love for caring for people she is highly successful at what she does. She still practices dancing now and then as her part-time hobby.