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5260510_n3cvNBWejLRu718.png?1509403226NAME: Neecah*
SURNAME: Cemalou
ORIGIN: Quantharia
*read his name as にか (nika)

GENDER: male
RACE: elf (half moon elf, half forest elf)
AGE: 185 years
HEIGHT: 166 cm
CLASS: naturalist
Naturalists are mages deeply connected with a living nature. Their abilities allows them to manipulate plants or make deeper connection with animals - taming wild animals is one of their skills. They are also skilled medicine makers as they know well the nature.

JOB: Student (in Antha's Magical Academy)/ earlier: pirate
PERSONALITY:  Stubborn | Daring | Hard-working | Cocky  | Quite smart | Loyal | Caring | Short-tempered
Neecah is generally a good person, who likes to help others, supports and cares a lot about people that are more just random acquaintances, even if he won't admit it himself. Very affectionate to those he loves. He's daring, loves adventures, new experiences and crazy ideas - something he haven't done yet? No problem, let's at least try. Neecah's short-tempered and gets annoyed easily, especially if he thinks somebody doesn't have right or is just teasing him. Also is really, really stubborn. Sometimes he gets too cocky, what, along with his short-temper gets him in trouble. He tends to say things others might think as flirting but he really doesn't mean it. Often has intuitions about others but these are not always right and it happened in the past that he misjudged people because of that. When needed he'll be steadily working towards goal he set for himself and he's always assuring that he has enough work or other things to do, to not sit idly.

AFFILIATION: earlier - Old Arbeth's crew, currently none
FACTION: Mage's Guild
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Antha, the City of Mages
> if you're going to simplify his headband, use only dark grey/blackish color. NOT green, please... ;n;
> you don't need to draw markings on his face
> If you think that his coat is too complicated, feel free to draw him only in vest
> he wears earring only on his left ear
> feel free to draw him with different expressions, not only serious/a bit annoyed
> please use this pic or this as reference (2nd is newer though)
Being a son of moon and forest elf, he inherited traits of both kinds. As an elf, he isn't tall but thanks to moon elf's blood, he is taller than average forest elf - 166 cm. His skin is smooth, pale ivory with slight yellowish tint skin, definitely after his moon elf father. He's slim in torso, yet years spend on the sailing got him well trained body with slightly visible muscles that he keeps in shape while training with Marro.
Neecah's face is quite handsome and oblong with strong drawn cheekbones, wider jawbone and pointed chin. He usually paints green markings on his face (also on right arm) - as a part of forest elves culture - but it wears off easily with a bit of water. His eyes are apple green and almond shaped, hidden under the thick, straight eyebrows. Under it lies not that big but straight nose and narrow lips. His elvish heritage made his ears long and pointed but like forest elf, his ears are sticking close to his head, being turned outside head by about 40-45 degrees (in contrast of moon elves, whose ears sometimes are 90). He's really expressive and it's not hard to see what he's feeling. Sometimes even overly expressive and making funny faces. Yet, usually he looks full of himself or annoyed.
His face is surrounded by the wild, little curly, messy ginger hair that seem to live their own life, never allowing to neaten it. He wears a dark grey, patterned headband to keep it away from falling down on his face, to his eyes (it doesn't work always, though).
Neecah loves buying new clothes, has lots of it but he's mostly dressing up in pirate, quite fancy or just rich looking/well ornamented clothes. Vests are his favorite part of clothing. Also he likes jewelry a lot - always wearing an earring with a ruby in his left ear. Later on, wears a bracelet, he got from Marro, on his left hand as well. He really likes it's design and treats it as his greatest treasure.
Son of a pirate and elvish priestess. Was taught both ways - of a pirate and love for a nature (including magic). After his mother's... suicide, he argued with his father and left ship to study magic more. He went to Antha's academy where he met most of his current friends (incl.boyfriend, with whom he was quarreling at the start). He always dreamed about being a pirate but after falling in love with Marro, he only went to prove his father that he would be a better captain than him and after almost taking over his crew, not listening to father's protests, he left back to Antha. Actually it wasn't selfish - he had a feeling that pirate's era might be ending, so he let his father to be 'a king' longer, while he was living out of making potions, medicament and healing people - much more peaceful life but it was enough, as long he stayed by his bf side and could stroll in the nearest forest.

Neecah is a rare child of two kinds of elves, who are rarely breeding between themselves. His father is a moon elf and a pirate - maybe even the first elvish pirate known in the current times. From the other side, his mother was a forest elf, the priestess of Elurien, the Mother-Tree. Due to his origin, Neecah was always torn between a life of the pirate and life in the harmony with the nature. He spend his youngest days with mother, who taught him ways of the forest elves, customs, rituals and also inculcated in him love for the magic and animals. In the that time, his family was often sailing, so he got accustomed with the sailor life.
When he got a bit older, his father, who was a captain, took him to his crew as a young pirate. It was quite hard for him, as in crew's opinion he was favored by the captain (when he wasn't at all) and he started to be bullied.
+ nature
+ sea and water
+ sailing
+ swimming
+ showers
+ trinkets/ shiny things
+ making potions
+ qaloi (elvish food, something between tortilla wrap and bun[?? idk really], can be made sweet or salty, Neecah likes sweet ones more) and is usually filled with something like crepe (for example - sweet: fruits and sweet cottage cheese or salty with yellow cheese and some meat, vegetables).
+ books
- winter
- cleaning (he keeps his lab very clean though)
- bland people
- orcs and lizardmen
- singing (he likes to listen to others though)
- pet names and terms of endearment. Actually he dislikes calling him everything beside his name, yet tolerates when Marro calls him sweetheart (other names are nope and nope and with the most Neecah often jokes that it's a really bad idea to call him with something reminding sweet things when Marro is sick after eating these)
- his hair (not the color tho)
- when somebody touches his feet
- Arvinir Cemalou - father - was always more pirate captain than father to him. Neecah blames him for mother's suicide.
- Eyvarielle Cemalou - mother, deceased - Neecah learned the way of forest elves and magic of nature from her. He really respected, loved her and still misses her.
- Nasharie Fairya- rival/later friend (main storyline) - they met during basic magic classes. At first Neecah was skeptical about her, because she's a veya from house Arvenille and he was kinda mean to her but later he realised that his hatred has no sense and he actually likes her. Soon after had a crush on her but after he found that she's in love with Lune, he remained her friend as he knew Lune will be a good boyfriend for her./ girlfriend (Gift Which Brought Us Here vn, Neecah's route)
- Sanris Igniso - ex roommate/acquaintance - first roommate of Neecah. He liked him and didn't mind his blabbering but due to Sanris' friendship with Marro, Neecah decided to change the room.
- Lune Xanir - acquaintance/friend - they met by accident when Lune needed help with a wound and Neecah helped him. Lune often takes medicines from Neecah. For that, he allows Neecah to go outside the city whenever he wants. Beside that, they like to drink together.
- Marro Dha'raan- rival, later friend (all storylines) - they used to hate each other from the day they met - Neecah had a feeling that he's a dangerous person, who reeks blood and Marro was hostile toward pirates. They were mostly avoiding each other, until the battle with shatts. Neecah saw that Marro might be not that bad person and in the end they fought together. Later they decided to be in more friendly relationship and Neecah even asked Marro for help in sparrings./ lover (main storyline) - after Marro learned that Nasharie has a boyfriend, he came to tease Neecah a bit and asking him if he wouldn't like to be his lover instead. Elf thought it was a crazy idea but in the end agreed. And later he never regretted it as later they fell in love and become really close to each other. Of course Marro often annoys Neecah in daily life but he loves him anyway.
- Elandea Paeotiar - master - just a teacher of magic of nature. Neecah used to help her in gardening.
- Nandxor Ariens - roommate/friend - second roommate of Neecah, before he moved to Marro's room. They quickly became friends and still sometimes are going shopping (because Marro disagrees to go out to buy clothes with Neecah and Neecah dislikes to go alone).
- beside magic of nature, he knows basics of healing and wind magic
- level of his magical energy is 6,5 out of 10. Also he regenerates energy quite fast like 1,5-2 day to full recovery from almost depleted
- his basic magical aura is golden. Often with green sparkles and splashes as he uses magic of nature a lot. Nobody except the aurals can see the auras but Lune told him about it's color once.
- has phobia of grubs, worms, caterpillars and similar wriggly things. He once almost passed out because of that
- his green markings are made of natural paint, it's not a tattoo, so he sometimes goes without it
- often primps his hair (but strands are falling down on his face anyway xD)
- can swim well
- smells like a cinnamon, because he uses it a lot in his potions (as it's a strong magical reagent). Marro sometimes calls him 'cinnamon boy', when he wants to tease him, Neecah hates this though
- always wears (sometimes just under clothes) bracelet he got from Marro (Marro is wearing similar as well). He really likes it's design and treats it as his greatest treasure.
- overuses 'huh' in speech
- has a pet dovafi, called Shaggel. Neecah's found him in the forest one day. Later on, it's big enough to ride on it
- he's skilled herbalist, loves and respects nature. Animals seems to like him a lot, he even befriended unicorns
- often has intuitions about others but those are not always right (like when he was right about Marro's bloodlust but not about Nashie being a terrible person)
- don't ask him to sing. He might be not the worst singer, but he simply dislikes it.
- he never said that to anyone but even though he likes women much more, he had nothing against having a boyfriend
- his name is made from first syllables of two elvish words - "neela" and "cahlaini", what basically means "little tiger". But Neecah never explained this to anyone, nor is planning to. And actually it's the name his father gave him, and his father is called by his crew a "Sea Tiger".
- has second name, Nefaliel, given him by his mother but he doesn't like it that much - given the choice by his parents to use Neecah or Nefaliel, he has chosen Neecah.
- his birthday is 25.08
- actually Neecah's favorite color is burgundy, not green like someone could think
- he doesn't really care about dates (dislikes using calendar for planning) more in the past/future than a month, yet he respects seasons
- worships Elurien, the Mother-Tree but his faith isn't really strong
- when talking in elvish, in most cases won't pronounce 'R' clearly but something between "l" and "r" but NOT as clear 'l'. Not because it's a speech defect but it comes from forest elvish dialect he got used to speak. If someone's name contains letter 'r', he will pronounce it perfectly, because it's a name. Also he speaks quite fast in elvish (much faster than in universal) making it harder to understand for people who aren't used to his dialect.
- his writing is quite neat. Smooth, even but little tight, slightly cursive letters.
- can't get tan thanks to his moon elf's genes
- "Huh? You need a medicine or something?"
- "What do you mean by 'don't be mad'? I don't know what have you done yet but of course I'll be mad."
- "Maybe... I wanted to try something new, maybe I was searching for consolation or I wanted to forget about her. You told me that it might help me. I thought it's a crazy idea at first. But... I like crazy ideas, you know?"
- "I'm not into guys... except you." - Neecah to Marro