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6 months, 24 days ago


DISCLAIMER: a majority of these were made for me to use by someone i know irl, but they've longed since deleted their social media accounts, so i have no way of properly giving them credit :(
For now we just gotta settle for a link to their old tumblr account until I can find a viable link.

I hope one day I'll come up a design/character for these boards or maybe someone will want them idk

There was a blurb i remember writing for this specific board, so I'll try to rewrite what i can remember:
"Someone from a small town traded in their familiar cushy life for the thrills of the big city. They're probably someone artistic, maybe a writer or a photographer. They weren't expecting the pressures and this lack of a neighborly spirit they're used to in their hometown. They really struggled finding their place in the city and found themself spirally down into depression and anxiety. They now try to avert their eyes to everything around them, and just tries to focus ahead on immediate problems, on surviving until tomorrow comes, and just repeats."