Jakure Yakumei


Basic Info


Jakure Aginiro Yakumei


Jak, Jaku, Jaky, Tol, Green Bean, Good Boi


August 23rd (Virgo)




Male (He/They/It)


Bi/Panromantic Demisexual


6'4 ft.


"Earth" Yakumei


English, Japanese


Soft Black. Hint of Green. Thick, long, and fluffy.


Silver. Hint of Green. Sharp yet gentle. Aurora Borealis.


Fit, Toned, Tall

Other Features

Fangs, Claws, Pointed Ears, White Pupils, Marks on Wrist


Clan Heir, Bodyguard/Guide, Flower Shop Worker (Stock and Supply)


Onyzoru (Father), Kiseka (Mother), Jaxuru Yakumei (Fraternal Twin Brother), Olivia Yakumei (Future Daughter), Evian Yakumei (Future Son)


Outdoors, Animals, Food, Training, Snow, Winter


Lighting, Thunder, Fire, Loud Noises, Cruelty, Himself


Introvert, Kind, Anxious, Paranoid, Quiet, Respectful, Protective, Helpful, Self-Loathing


INFJ-T - Introverted Intuition Feeling Judging


-Jakure, being the next heir to the Yakumei family, stands tall at about 6'4ft, and built with a muscular body through years of training. Despite this, he has maintained some subtle youthful features to him. As most Yakumei have, he too, has dark colored hair, though inheriting a more green tone from his mother. The hair that adorns his head falls slightly past his collarbone in uncontrollable twists. His eyes are a tone of silver, being almost layered over by a hint of a green. Seemingly cold and calculated, there is a boyish wonder if one looks close enough. Though blessed with good looks, he has been scorned with marks that lie upon his forearms, symbolizing the horrid clan he hails from.-

  • Being from the Yakumei Clan, he is inhuman. Possessing physical and magical powers, members of this clan are often feared, avoided, and hated. Yakumei also holds some animalistic traits, including growling, roaring, and various other distorted noises. They are prone to some occasional violent outbursts, dazed states, and shaking, usually due to an unsatisfied need and hunger for blood. All Yakumei have unique markings on their body. The more corruption a Yakumei holds, the more their markings spread and the more their appearances distort. Yakumei also tend to inhabit an element, Jak being earth, they can develop these into subcategories off of it. Also, fun fact, they purr, so yes do pet them. They will occasionally purr in sleep, similar to snoring.
  • He has no specific powers related to earth, despite it being his born element. He is more in tune with nature but has yet to harness its real power. Instead, his main source of power is aura. This energy that all living things give off is called an aura, and it varies from person to person. Jakure has the power to detect those around him, including their emotions and personality. Even those will subtle presences will likely be discovered. Though it is possible for him to be too distracted to notice, and readings can change as well. People aren't normally being able to see aura, however, his energy is powerful enough to become physically manifested and shaped to his will. He is immune to the blind status effect. He mainly uses his power for detecting and defending. Jak also has weak healing energy, he can help others recover in small amounts.
  • Yakumei are omnivores, but lean towards being carnivorous. They need meat and blood to sustain themselves, and Jak hates this.
  • His skin is fairly tough and somewhat smooth to touch, it's much tougher than regular human muscle.
  • His body is rather warm, you'd think he has a fever. As a result of this, he dislikes summer and hot temperatures. Winter is his favorite season, he will even lie in the snow when he senses no one is looking to cool off. He takes cold showers often as well. 
  • Spiritual, focused, and in tune with senses. He meditates often to both calm himself and/or sync with energies. He exercises his spiritual powers, or more specifically his aura related abilities. He is sensitive to the emotions of others around him, an empath rather, being around negative people will eventually cause him to turn to negativity too. 
  • Jak has been taught to obey authority and law, even if there is unfairness. With their clan being already despised, any screw up will only further ruin their reputation. He is determined to not mess anything up and does his best to provide for the community. If push comes to shove, he would break the rules if it meant helping a loved one.
  • He has quite the appetite and seems to always be hungry. He usually aims to eat as healthy as possible, though usually very reluctant, he will eat junk food occasionally. He is willing to try most anything.
  • As soon as he was old enough, he was taught how to cook, now it's almost expected of him to make all the meals at home. Jak usually gathers and uses the fruits and vegetables that were grown in their garden. He will often gather food from Kuromori as well. Although he feels immense guilt, he will also hunt game to provide meat.
  • He tends to keep to himself. This introvert is found usually in either his room or the wilderness alone. There he focuses on his studies or hobbies. Being around people stresses him out.
  • For leisure he writes, reads, plays his acoustic guitar, or carves little wooden figures of animals and plants. He takes great joy in maintaining what's left of his mothers garden. Jak devoted himself to training and meditation.
  • He loves to read, he's even read a few dictionaries like they were books. Jak prefers informational books, and not usually works of fiction. Although he can get pretty emotionally invested in a good story. His mother owned plenty of gardening books, while his father kept historical records and notes from his research. Various other types of books can be found in the vast manor he lives in.
  • Jak writes better than he speaks, he has a way with words when writing. He keeps a few journals to keep track of events and important information. Search hard enough and you might even find some poetry. His speech uses complicated words he picked up from his father, dictionaries, and other various sources. Writing helps him sort out his complicated thoughts and feelings.
  • He is incredibly fond of forested areas, animals, and anything natural. He spends lots of time outdoors. He seems to have a way of bonding with animals, despite his predatory nature. Jak would spend most of his childhood days in his mother's garden, it brings him a sense of security and calmness. Though he loves all animals, deers and bears would have to be his favorites.
  • His hair is long enough to attempt to cover his ears, it falls past his collarbone. Jak doesn't brush or cut it often, and sometimes you can find twigs or leaves in his hair since he's often outside. It's soft to touch, but running your hand through it might get your fingers caught and tangled up. He greatly enjoys it when people play with his hair or pet him, not that he would tell anyone that.
  •  He feels the need to help others, mostly to hopefully gain a more positive reputation for himself and his family name. He is determined to do good and is very hard working. The feeling of someone appreciating his help is the one he loves the most. 
  • He often works as a guide or bodyguard for travelers going through Kuromori, as it is known to harbor strong daemons at night. Kuromori was deemed too dangerous for travel and is often unvisited. This allowed the Yakumei to stay hidden and minimlaize any interactions between them and humans. However this did not stop the occasional passerby who either had no knowledge of the danger present or is profoundly brave. At first Jak was not allowed to go out at all when someone came through, but over the years Jak has actually started helping people get though safely.
  • Despite being a big tough brute, Jak is very gentle and careful. He’s afraid of his own strength and is terrified he might hurt someone.
  • He is fairly pleasant person to be around, when he is calm it is easy for those around him to be calm as well. 
  • Jak is one to likely give into peer pressure. Only on certain occasions he may do something of his own accord, but he usually lives to please others.
  • Rather intelligent, a forever learner. Though he is well read, he has a childlike outlook on the world due to a somewhat sheltered upbringing. Jak is incredibly dense with and lacks emotional and relationship knowledge. Dirty jokes and innuendos go right over his head. 
  • Very formal, professional, and reserved. Comes off as aloof or distant to others he is not familiar with. He was taught to never speak unless spoken to. He tends to keep a somewhat monotone, level, and clear voice when talking to unfamiliar or distrusted persons. Sometimes his voice may go too quiet and soft, he has a hard time speaking up. Though forever reserved, he learns to find his voice later.
  • Jakure deeply cares for his allies, for they were the first friends he has ever made. Jak supports and defends the them to the best of his ability, he would do whatever it takes to assist them. He is their faithful guardian.
  • Jak has a fraternal twin brother, Jaxuru.
  • Both his mother and brother disappeared from his life at an early age, so he grew up with just his father. He is hoping to see them both again one day.
Content Warning: Child Abuse (Neglect, Physical, Emotional), Depression, Anxiety 

  • During his time at home he often found any reason he can to leave and stay away from home, he did have a curfew and a limit to how far he was allowed to go. Jak was only allowed to venture around the forest they reside in, Kuromori. 
  • Jak was homeschooled by Ony and being allowed to attend a college outside of home is a welcome but overwhelming thing for him. He is kept close so Onyzoru can supervise his actions and see if Jak can keep his Yakumei tendencies in check. 
  • He and his father have an unhealthy relationship, Jak obeys Ony because he is fearful of consequence. Ony has a tendency to take his anger out on Jak and belittles or hits him often. At times Jak believes he's like this because he just trying to protect him, in his own harsh way. He acknowledges and still tries to respect him, even if he goes above just a strict parent into near cruelty.
  • Jak had to learn to take care of himself for the most part, as soon as he was able to cook for himself, Ony more or less stopped providing for him. In fact, Jak usually is the one who cooks for the both of them now.
  • Over time, Ony has become less harsh and more passive and distant from him. As Jak grows older and demonstrates his ability to do good, Ony finally relaxes a little and starts to even feel bad for his treatment of him. He doesn't show it often, but he is looking for ways to treat him kinder. His worst fear was Jak succumbing to corruption.
  • Jak often flinches in response to someone raising their hand, even if no ill intent was present in the action. 
  • Speaking with strangers and crowds overstimulate him, which can both lead to a rush of anxiety and a potential breakdown. In regards to his powers and empathy, too many readings can overwhelm his senses. 
  • Jakure suffers from both anxiety and depression. He's never had the proper help he needed when he was younger and never learned how to cope with it, so as a young adult, he's still struggling. He's unaware he has these.
  • He absolutely hates himself. Jak has very low self-esteem and self-worth. He will apologize somewhat often for almost anything. He resents what he is, and feels bad for not being human in a world of humans. He feels shame for feeling any remote Yakumei tendencies he has. He was raised believing he isn't worth much, and that humans are above rather than equal to him. 
  • Despite his introversion, he tends to become dependant on those few he grows close with. He often needs validation for his actions but feels too worried that he'll be bothersome, so he won't really ask for it.
  • Jakure is quite an early bird and has a somewhat strict morning routine. He is also a light sleeper due to his paranoia and anxiety. Occasionally he will also have night terrors and/or nightmares that will prevent him from getting a proper rest.

- Note to Artists! -

  • Jak does not have short hair, it falls to his collarbone! His hair is not flat or straight, he has very fluffy and curly hair!
  • His ears are pointed like elf/demon ears.
  • He has double fangs! Claws are optional, he usually chews them away anyway-
  • His wrists have black markings on them. He doesn't show his wrists bare because of the marks, he either wears gloveswristbands, or long sleeved shirts to cover them