Jaxuru Yakumei



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Basic Info


Jaxuru Yakumei


Jax, Jaxu, Jaxy, Jaxie, Thot, Hoe, Mr. Keyhole Thot Top, Jaxard, Edgelord McThot, Dummy Vampire No Shirt Bitch, Jaxuwu The Snaxuwu, Bitch Ass Giant Vampire Emo Lord


August 22nd ♌️




Male (He/They/It)


Demiromantic Bisexual


6'5 ft (195.58 cm)


"Perfect" Yakumei


Black. Hint of Red. Thick and curly.


Red. Sharp and knowing.


Built, Fit, Toned, Tall, Pale


Husky, Low, Sultry, Expressive ( Mi-Chan https://youtu.be/c6crfHU5bog )

Other Features

Fangs, Claws, Pointed Ears, Marks on Back




Onyzoru Yakumei (Father), Kiseka Tasogare (Mother), Jakure Yakumei (Fraternal Twin Brother), Adrian Yakumei (Future Son)


Prideful, Prankster, Lewd, Prick, Dramatic, Sadomasochist


1, 6, 9, 13, 69, 420, 666



  • Being from the Yakumei Clan, he is inhuman. Possessing physical and magical powers, members of this clan are often feared, avoided, and hated. Yakumei also holds some animalistic traits, including growling, roaring, and various other inhuman and distorted noises. They are pretty territorial, especially over loved ones. They are prone to some occasional violent outbursts, twitching, and hunger for blood. Also, they purr.
  • He has inherited great power from his ancestor Daraku, he abuses it and flaunts it quite often.  He craves for even more power than he already has.
  • Overusing his power can easily tire him out, so he falls asleep suddenly and unusual places/positions. Sometimes he floats when sleeping, unless he's with someone, because then he tends to cling to them. 
  • He's been known to be more chill when tired out from extensive use of power as expected, but it is possible that is could also be because the corruption has been cleansed from his body from overuse, so he is left with his true self over his usual corrupted self. 
  • Sometimes overusing his more twisted powers can lead to the total corruption of his body and soul, thus making him a husk of mindless violence.
  • Jaxuru was stolen away as a child and brought up by his kidnappers, The Church of Daraku, ran by Reevius and his father. Later on, Jax took it over using his status of Darakus Vessel and twisted it to fit his needs. It is now the Cult of Axu.
  • Jax is teetering between being good and evil often. One day or another he might plummet into the depths of evil.
  • Punk Aesthetic™
  • He only follows the rules when it assists him and breaks them when they don't.
  • He both loves and hates himself. He thinks he's the coolest, but is also aware that he is trash. One minute he'll make self-deprecating jokes and the next he'll be admiring and bragging about himself. Although he can acknowledge when others have their own perks, usually he only really mentions these just to get their trust.
  • He is not easily hurt and is thrilled when someone actually inflicts pain onto him, he then becomes excited for a potential challenge. Due to his immense strength and semi-immortality, he has been curious as to find out what can hurt or kill him. He discovered that he can survive and regenerate from injuries at a fast yet steady pace. 
  • During his teen years, he went a bit overboard with piercings, he thought they meant you were cool for enduring the painful process of getting them. Though he has removed most of them now, and though most of the scars have healed, there are still some faint remaining marks on his body, they are hard to see due to how fucking pale he is
  • He will pretend to love someone just to gain favors, usually physical favors. He can come off as seductive and charming, or annoying and stubborn, depending on the person. Those who see through him will probably be harassed to various levels. He usually goes for the easy targets, but occasionally will see a difficult person as just a challenge to overcome.
  • He will come by to do others a favor either because he is "bored" or because he has a plan to ruin it later just to be an ass because he sometimes finds others suffering to be humorous. When it's because he's "bored" it's because he just wants someone to praise and acknowledge him.
  • He has a flair for the dramatics, he acts to amuse himself and hopefully others around him. He should be in a drama club.
  • Jax makes puns a lot cause he knows they annoy people. He also can't go very long without an innuendo or two.
  • Due to the main cast being a bunch of "goody two shoes" he makes up for what they’re too good to do. He has no fear of consequence for what comes out of his mouth or his actions, as he is confident in his own physical power to defend himself easily. In fact, he finds frustration and disappointment in others to be amusing.
  • He is a sore loser, and the frustration he finds funny in others now comes back around as karma. He tends to occasionally throw "mantrums" when he can't get his way. He's very used to getting everything he wants.
  • This one is somehow capable of loving another human being. He presents "tsundere" qualities due to not wanting to seem weak, as he believed it's just embarrassing to waste time with something as fake as love. Until he realizes he's in love, then he just denies it. If he ever were to love another (besides himself), he may become a little obsessive and dependant.
  • This guy just wants attention and acknowledgment and is too pridefully stubborn to admit it and ends up acting like a complete asshole to get attention instead.

List of Powers:








Jax in a sense is nigh-omnipotent, being the perfect vessel of the God of Corruption, Daraku. He embodies corruption and inherits all the powers his god does. His only real limit is his imagination and current levels of energy or motivation.