the Hearth



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Basic Info


Placid, protective.


Stable, fit.


Forestgiven TORII
Size #29
Gender Hemigynous; they/them
Orientation Asexual
Age Adult, ageless/ancient
Scent Woodsmoke, dry soil; faint sandalwood
Species Minor deity
Alignment True Neutral

Appears very much like a fairly normal, unassuming cervine. They look to be a mix of elk and whitetail with a curly, fluffy tail resembling a Shiba Inu's. They wear a black-bead rosary around their neck with four evenly spaced magatama made of orange jade. They no longer wear their mask, instead deciding to obscure their face with the help of their rosary. Their face appears dark, like a fire's shadow, with eyes like glowing coals. Their pictogram is seen as a flame above their head and hovering between their antlers. The freckles on their pelt shimmer and move, not unlike cinders.

Their true form outside of the forest is that of a large fox with 4 to 8 tails (number shifts according to certain whims, but it's never more than eight and never less than four) and four arms; influenced vaguely by cherubim.

  • Titles: Hearth, Firefly, Hearthstone/Fireside, Gravewatcher, Soulmother, the. 'Kihirotan', Autumn's Wrath.
  • Connected strongly with graveyard paraphernalia especially sotoba, and funerary haniwa.
  • Known for lighting ritualistic & cleansing fires at the Ruin.
  • Has distinctly canine dentition, despite their cervid form.
  • Haunts the Ruin, the Playground, and the Idol.

Protective. Compassionate. Biased. Amiable. Condemnatory. Benevolent. Courteous. Magnanimous. Patient. Wise. Absentminded. Conservative. Solitary. Aloof. Desensitized. Morbid. Nihilistic. Passive. Tolerant. Solid. Unhurried. Insouciant. Honest. Tactless. Idiosyncratic. Noncompetitive. Ritualistic. Placid. Dutiful.

A patient face, and a solid exterior, Kerosene is not easily phased by most things. If they come across strangers, they're curious, relatively friendly. Groups alienate them unless filled with members they recognize and are comfortable with, they much prefer dealing with strangers one on one. Tires easily in social situations, or with people who display a lot of energy and emotion. Capricious at times, but stable in their emotions. Can be borderline mischievous or impulsive, depending on the seasons.

They're compassionate where they feel it necessary, but cold when they feel slighted. Above all, they live by their own rules. If something doesn't suit them, they'll leave it. They practice politeness whenever possible, however, bowing to even the nastiest of attitudes given the chance. Their inability to process feral behaviors is due to the fact they are an otherworldly interlocutor in this forest. A terrible reader of body language, overly cautious. They can come off as skittish if they feel they are somewhere at the wrong time.

They expect nothing of anyone, especially on their behalf. This often leads to them being surprised when people do something for them, or even embarrassed when someone feels the need to protect or help them. While Kerosene avoids conflict as much as possible, there are times they realize their intervention might be necessary, and they will be protective of their charges or certain characters. Has no interest in exacting revenge much of the time, believes more in delivering justice than retribution.

They rarely find reason to hold true grudges due to their transitory nature in the Forest. Any apprehension, wariness, or hatred they might feel towards an individual can be dissipated quickly if given a better impression of them, or is forgotten about unless one shows them continual aggressive behavior or harassment.


A minor deity of death and its facets. Their primary job appears to be acting as a guardian of the dead, secondarily the calming, guiding, and protecting of spirits, or helping them rest. A psychopomp, in the simplest terms. The Forest is simply a stop along their way, a realm they are tasked with watching over.

Their body is a construct made up of flesh, earth, and bone. They are usually comfortably warm to the touch. They can change this vessel they inhabit at will, with absolute control of its actions. In times of extreme duress on their body, they can leave it entirely to crumble and release, but in doing so, eject themselves from the Forest. It will take time for their body and rosary to reform before they can enter it again. The full extent of their powers have been sealed off by the Twin Gods, though they do retain a few.

At one point in their history, they were attacked by a transdimensional creature dubbed 'Wither' that was known for causing the total entropy of whole realms. One of the worlds in their path was guarded by Kerosene, who chose to attempt to defend it from destruction. Unfortunately their effort failed, and Wither's attack left them permanently scarred in more ways than one along with the realm being ultimately destroyed. Their face bears the brunt of the leftover physical scars—including a misaligned jaw—that will manifest in every form they take. This is also the cause of their loss of smell.

In their past life, they were a Shinto priestess that oversaw a temple flanked by a graveyard. They died after an unchecked fire raged through the temple, burning it and all trapped inside to cinders. Their deity status was granted as a reward for their devout faith; though they no longer follow their religion of origin, they take from its influences. The personal world they inhabit is called the Bronze Timber; a woods that remains forever in autumn with a temple resembling their former home at its center.

Abilities (IN-FOREST)

  • Minor divination through the use of ash or fire.
  • Control, generation, and manipulation of heat, dust, ash, and fire.
  • Production of a specialized healing ash from the golem of their body. This ash can heal minor lacerations or surface wounds. However, it does cause a temporary fever while the ash is working. It is not advised that one digests this substance.
  • Purification of corrupted or broken souls, and the calming of raging spirits.
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