11 months, 5 days ago


Any pronouns , 21, nonbinary, 5'2" 110lbs

Uses she/they when referring to theirself but doesn't have a preference for what others use for them.

Faye is quiet and reserved around strangers. She's more vocal and energetic with friends but still takes a more passive role, simply following the conversation wherever the others take it and peppering in jokes when the topic is appropriate for humor. If the group is in a public place and getting a bit obnoxious, she tries to quiet them down, and keep the topic away from inappropriate things. Generally just being a voice of reason and keeping a level head. They're good at listening, but not as good with advice if it's an emotional topic, as emotions make zero sense to them, even their own. She's better to vent to than to go to for a solution or answer. They tend to panic when put under any amount of pressure from others, and much prefers to do things alone rather than in a team, so nobody is around to see any potential mistakes.

As far as her hobbies and interests go, she has a decent variety, and tends to focus on one or two for a while before switching to another. Their most commonly focused ones include drawing, painting d&d minis (and attempting to play d&d but her friend group almost never has schedules with free time on the same day), bone/feather collecting/cleaning, nature photography, getting new plants to take care of, and any outdoor activity.