Shindel " Beethovia" Duu'krav


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Originally Created by

Schwoo -

Age of Shindel



9ft 4in

Base Weight



Text is slightly modified / corrected from - Shindel " Beethovia " Duu'Krav - Characters -

Important Notes

orignally created by Scwhoo on FA as a sketch

She's a blunt, Rowdy, sex-addicted party animal, who loves to get high.

in true yeena fashion she has full control over genitalia(and its size ) ,but also her mass although the largest recorded size is 12ft 5in

About Shindel " Beethovia " Duu'Krav

Being a child in the Slums, Shindel was a cheerful soul. Once always on her best behavior, respectful of authorities, and looking for the best in even the worst of others.
Having few Friends (if any) During grade school, much like her race (hyena; most folk held Hyena in low regard alongside the scavengers of the world.); She was looked down upon.
Being seen as lesser-than. To most; Befriending the future Queen of "Yeen town"(a community within Romyette) would be seen as a Death sentence.
From these actions Shindel eventually took note and An emptiness for the world flooded her heart.

At age 11, the sweet yeen's life took a turn.
After a trip to the planet Zaurbos, Shindel's grandmother Beethovia would be murdered in her own home.
Grandma Beethovia and Shindel's bond is described as inseparable best friends (or sister vibes). Shindel looking to Beethovia as more of a sassy big sis, Granny was quite flattered knowing this.
being taught how to defend herself in the mean slum streets, Granny B. also passed the memories of how she once ruled the large stretch of the Romeyette Metropolis, in her younger years.

Little Shindel would snap during granny's funeral. With her parents nowhere to be found; Shindel now left to grieve with members of the family who were not fond of her or her parents, trapped in her thoughts.
Shindel's rage began to boil over. Leaving a dark nearly empty pit, inside her heart, where a few strands of happiness still reside.
What was once sweet, now bittered by the cold harshness of the world.  
Her ravenous hatred towards man (people & beast), carried over into school life.
Teachers who tried to discipline the overgrown child were met with fierce tantrums.
Most who dealt with her wrath feared her. Soon one by one, towns folk ignored her devious actions.
Durning this time she became notorious as this school's top bully.
(There are rumors of children going missing after attempting to stand up against her... Girls gotta get her protein somewhere)

By age 15, because of her adult size, Shindel joined an underground fight ring.
From the ashes of her despair, betrayal, and grief, The Tyrant "Biscay" Queen was born.
A nickname bestowed upon her; She would let off steam through the terrified screams of combating challengers... well victims. Many perished at her hands, some even becoming food to fuel her rage.

3 years passed and during her last title match Shindel was pitted against a smaller female, who had shown promise earlier that week. Shindel could normally handle opponents like her, The confident and ballsy type.
However, after severely underestimating her opponent, Shindel became enraged. The few blows she suffered were intense from someone so insignificant compared to her. Although in the end her final match would end in a draw.
Taking this as her sign to leave the ring life, letting her fully set her sights on the outside world. (Her reminder from this fight is a slash scar across her left eye; though, by the time the story starts it has visibly healed-
completely. she still feels it physically, emotionally, and mentally.)

Shindel now 21, 10 years since Beethovia passed; The residents of "Yeen Town" became accustomed to the violence and carnage caused by Shindel, the rivaling gangs, and those who looked to claim the lower city sector.
Shindel, however, is not one to let go of her empire so easily.
Using dirty tactics to keep her hold of her turf, these acts included:
- Gun running
- voracious activities - ☠️
- Extortion and the like
- Blackmailing
- Ect.
Just to name a few.

She is shameless in her execution of actions (or of others). With a punch so unnaturally strong, Shindel can turn anyone into a puddle of blood and flesh if she isn't being mindful (most times she isn't even caring). Her foes, even those who had potential to take the Queen down, tread carefully in her wake. To them she was a loose cannon, a hothead ready to rumble in a snap.
It was clear to all rivals and enforcement, that " messing with Shindel... Is taking a hefty chance… with your life..."

- Present Day: (Story start point/ seeing  Plasmite) -

Throughout her reign over the small sector, her heart longed for the one who showed her kindness, many years ago; A small little blue off-worlder named Plasmite. 

A few weeks after her 21st birthday, her scout Oak, would report that she met a blue being that had fit the stories Shindel once talked of. Sometime after Oak's Report, Shindel would pass by and see that instead of tentacles/tendrils, the pup had grown golden locs of long flowing hair. ( )
For her this was pure luck (and possibly fate) having a weird way of bringing them together.

For the first time since Beethovia's death, Shindel smiled bashfully with thoughts of what she would do to him as well. the fear of rejection **Never** even crossed her mind.

- Shindel can grow in size, however she will have to eat a lot once back to normal size. The last known size increase was roughly 2 - 2.5x normal size.

Q: What happens if she returns to normal size but doesn't have any food?

A: she will enter Food Frenzy; in which case she cannot hold back the urge to swallow any meal or person(s) in sight until her hunger/ needs are met. It would be like watching a feral beast who acts on instinct. 

- She has an extreme and genuine love interest for plasmite , anyone else is to be considered a plaything (engage at your own Demise).
only sugar & Peaches, AKA the " Sugared Peaches " (yes, it's an internal sex joke) are known to have survived multiple Poundings from her
- It's obvious Shindel has a fully functional set of cock and balls, but she also has a working womb hidden under her sweaty orbs. (Tldr, she can manipulate her genitals at will with complete control of her size, mass, and type)
- Q: would Shindel crush/ stomp/smother /consume me?
A: Yes! without hesitation. She is always looking for someone to tease and mess with (or even eat). ** Note you are at her mercy **

- Q: would Shindel date me?
A:  conically she would " go on a date " with you for a fun time or free food (take that how you wish)

Being both dog & cat like while being unique like her hyena brothers and sisters, Shindel tends to hide aspects of herself such as:

-  Purring / murring
-  canine level hyperactivity
-  tail wagging
-  Puppy eyes / feline level begging

While highlighting her more aggressive or deemed unwanted aspects more easily such as:

-  public self-grooming
-  cum / urinary marking of territory
-  overall aggressiveness to rivals

The two sets of examples above are not all her actions, just a general gist**

random phrases-
"ey' you wanna try some yeena (nut) butter?"


  • her lover & King / "puppy": Plasmite
  • weed
  • singing & cuddling (pup better be careful)
  • " Torture Dance " (if you know ... you know)
  • working out (she can be extreme)
  • watching others cower in fear
  • Large feasts
  • raw / rotting meat
  • Her crew & " playthings "
  • public humiliation of others (and self) Musk and scent play


  • LIONS (mortal enemy)
  • Most felines
  • Rival gangs on her turf
  • snitches, ditchers, or late payers
  • Mood killers (you know the kind of people)
  • vultures (annoyance)

    "best $20ever spent!" ~metrox