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Adult - Female - Cat - Demi - September 10th - Medicine Cat



Tangleleap is smart and quick to learn new things, and loves to tell others the neat things she's learned. She has an excellent memory when it comes to herbs and treatments. She even memorized a few herbs back when she was a young kit. She's able to keep somewhat calm under stressful situations, and is good at talking things through. This helps with working out Clan agreements, and soothing queens about to have new kits. Tangleleap is stubborn and refuses to give up on a patient, even when she knows there's little hope, and has been able to save a few cat's life due to her stubbornness.

She's snappy when she's in a bad mood and says things she doesn't mean, which causes her to have to apologize later. She doesn't do well with young kits due to how rowdy they can be, but she does try and check up on them to make sure they're healthy, and even teach them a thing or two when they'll listen. Tangleleap keeps her emotions hidden most of the time and tries to not let those she doesn't know well see them.


Tangleleap is a slender, orange and white she-cat


  • Learning
  • Saving lives
  • Gatherings
  • Figuring out Prophecies
  • Rabbits (For food)


  • Battling
  • Young Kits
  • Losing a patient
  • Birds (For food)
  • Thunderstorms


S/O: Crimsonfoot
Parents: Roseheart & Mudtail
Eventual Kits: Flowerkit, Foxkit, & Redkit
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A


  • She's my very first OC. She was made back in 2010/11
  • Her colors were based off of my profile pic on the official forums (Mothwing) and my first cat (An orange & white tabby she-cat)
  • The Clan she belongs to, SnowClan, is named htat because of an old Clan I use to run on the old forums
  • Tangleleap expressed interest in herbs since she was a kit, and never really had an interest in fighting
  • She has strong hind legs and can jump quite high and far. This is why she earned the suffix -leap
  • Roseheart- An orange tabby she-cat with white paws and tail-tip.
  • Mudtail- A dark blue-gray tom with a white chest and brown splotches


Since she's a fan character, she should only be drawn feral!
I sadly lost the image of her with her mate, and the other with her mate and kits, so if you draw her kits you're free to design them however.
I'm cool with her fur being super saturated or a less saturated orange!


Tanglekit was born to Roseheart and Mudtail. She was playful as a kit, and looked up to both of her parents, even though Mudtail use to be a loner. She loved playing with the other kits, and would often get herself into trouble by blindly following some of the older kits out of the camp. When she wasn't getting into trouble, Tanglekit loved listening to the stories the elders told. When she was just a few moons old she snuck into the medicine cat den, and after looking at all the different herbs she started taking an interest in them. She sat by and watched the medicine cat heal the sick cats. She was amazed bitter tasting herbs could do that!

Tanglekit told her parents about how she was going to become the best medicine cat ever and save everyone! She never was interested in fighting, so the medicine cat agreed to take her on as an apprentice. She was ecstatic when got her apprentice name! Tanglepaw worked hard and learned about all the different kinds of herbs. She saw sick cats become better, and others that couldn't be saved. Roseheart had to comfort her when she lost her first patient. She learned the hard way that not every cat will make it, even if she did everything right.

Tanglepaw was a quick learner, and after some time, she was given her full medicine cat name, Tangleleap. She was happy about her new name and that she was able to become a full fledged medicine cat! She celebrated with her parents and her close friend, Crimsonfoot. She didn't think she'd ever fall in love. She loved healing cats. What more did she need? She never expected to fall in love with Crimsonfoot. She hates keeping it a secret from everyone. For now, Tangleleap keeps her relationship with him a secret, and continues serving her Clan the best that she can.

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