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Chance Kaiser

Adult - Male - Hetero - June 12th Casino worker/Blackjack member

"You can't quit now. You might win a jackpot next!"


Chance is definitely a hard person to read. Outside of work, he seems like someone who would be shy an soft-spoken. As soon as he enters those casino walls, however, he's all smiles. Oftentimes patrons will find themselves questioning how they were convinced to play one more round, or how the dealer managed to best them in Blackjack. He tries his best to put off an innocent appearance to customers, listening to concerns, relating, and even giving advice every now and then. Usually, however, this is just to pull them in for one more draw during their winning streak. They can't lose now, right?

Outside of work, Chance can often be seen sitting around on his own, usually waiting for friends. It takes a lot to get past that faux concern of his, but once you do, you'll find he can be quite kind and generous. He'll often lend money to his friends in times of need, even if they don't ask. It can be quite unnerving when they never even mentioned they'd fallen into a financial crisis around him. He'll do a lot for his friends, to the point where sometimes their problems seem to just disappear. Most friends never do find out what happened to their worries. The few who do often were involved in getting rid of it with him. Chance tends to avoid conversation around Father's Day, and his close friends have learned not to ask about it. After all, he has a deep-seeded hatred of his father, and refuses to even acknowledge the holiday because of it.


Chance has an average build and a height of 5'8ft. He has multiple scars on his body from an old incident, but the one that's easily noticable is the one on his face. He can often be seen either in his jacket or a casino outfit. He doesn't have a preference on what he wears, thought he's drawn to complimentary colors.


  • Gambling
  • Archeology
  • Cats
  • Watermelons
  • Video games


  • Heights
  • Losing bets
  • Religion
  • Penny pinchers
  • Oranges


S/O: N/A
Parents: Sophia and Eric
Friends: Jazz
Enemies: Eric and Ember


  • His magic is in the Augmentation Class, and he can control luck
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is cookies & cream
  • He hardly tell anyone about his magic, but the Maneki-neko in his house is a hint to it
  • He's taken an interest in feeding the neighborhood cat colony, but hasn't owned a cat himself before
  • He lives in Unity City
  • He's ambidextrous and doesn't have a favorite hand
  • He has a scar on his left shoulder, right knee, on his chest, and a small one on his lower back. And of course the most obvious one is on his face
  • He has a phobia of heights
  • When he's sad, it's surprisingly easy to get him to tear up. It takes him awhile to cheer him back up when he's down
  • He enjoys memes, playing video games, and watching his favorite TV shows
  • He's interested in archeology and would love to visit ruins left behind from the Narix
  • Chance isn't very fond of the Celestials due to his older cousin being one, and she liked Eric so much she never believed him


None so far. Outfit changes are fine! Just remember the scar on his face, and keep in mind scar location


Content warning: Parent death and parental neglect

Chance's mother, Sophia, had always wanted a kid. His father, Eric, never did. Eric never did tell that to Sophia though. By the time they had Chance, it was too late to say anything. While Chance was growing up, Eric straight up ignored him, and even would deny that Chance was his son. He never did this around Sophia though. Chance tried to tell his mom about this, but she had a hard time believing that the man she loved would do something like that. It got to the point where Chance and Eric would avoid each other whenever they could, and act like everything was fine when Sophia was around. Chance grew to despise his father. He was much closer to Sophia.

He took an interest in card games when he was younger. Sophia taught him some games, and they found out Chance was real lucky when it came to getting good draws. Chance later found out what he could control luck. He'd often use it in secret whenever he wanted to win something. When there were raffles at school, Chance was careful to not give his power away, and only use it for what he really wanted. It was useful to get what he wanted. The only trouble was coming up with an excuse not to say what his power was, or coming up with a believable one.

Chance's bad moods at home carried over to when he was at school. He normally wasn't pleasant to be around because of that, though he was able to make a few friends. He'd often get into fist fights with the other kids. One day, when Chance was fifteen, he got into a fight with one of the upperclassmen. Chance thought it'd be the normal fist fight until the other guy pulled out a pocket knife. The staff didn't catch the fight in time, and Chance was kicked through one of the second story windows. The guy was expelled, but gave Chance some scars to remember the fight. Chance's luck may have saved him, but he was left bleeding on the ground outside before someone found him. The nurse patched him up the best that they could, but were unable to heal all of the cuts completely. Chance was left with a long scar on his face, left shoulder, right knee, and a small one on his lower back. A piece of glass was stuck in his back, causing back problems for him sometimes. The experience led to his fear of heights and distrust in others.

Sophia finally believed everything Chance said when she saw how Eric reacted to their son coming home with scars. Eric didn't care at all! She'd been with him for so long that she didn't think she could leave him, so Sophia spent even more time around Chance whenever she could. She started getting sick more often when Chance made it to his senior year. When she passed away she left most things to Chance, including enough money to get out of the house and live on his own. Chance's grandparents helped him find a nice house away from Eric after he graduated. They helped him out while he found a job. To this day he happily works at a casino, using his luck to pull more customers in, and hasn't visited his father since he left.

After about a year and a half of working at the casino, Chance found out that the casino he worked for was ran by a gang known as Blackjacks. He was offered a position in the gang, and was told to think about the offer. Over a weekend Chance thought about it. What could he do in a gang? What were the benefits? He knew if he declined that he wouldn't be able to tell anyone about them. After weighing the pros and cons over the weekend, he decided to accept the offer. He made a few real friends in the gang, and protected the ones outside of it. Chance soon wanted to be at the top. He worked hard at the promotions within the gang, and soon found himself as one of the higher ups. He's currently satisfied with where he is, and continues to work for both the casino, and the Blackjacks.

Chance stayed in his position in the gang for a whole year. He did heists and other things with the gang, and really helped them out with his luck. One day, while he was out walking through city, he spotted a blonde girl pickpocketing strangers. He took interest in watching her for some time before he decided that she could be helpful to the gang. Chance talked to the boss, and the boss took interest as well. The boss set things up, and found out the girl was Jasmine Saxon, someone who's been in the orphanage for a long time now. Chance found out what the boss's plan was after seeing Jazz in his house. He was told that he'd teach her about the gang, and how she'd be useful for them. He didn't like the plan, but couldn't really say no, so now Chance is living with Jazz, and teaching her how to use her skills to help the Blackjacks.

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