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Ari Lévesque

Adult - Male - Pan (male leaning)/Ace - February 14th - Donut shop worker



Ari is a simple, average kind of guy, and he likes it like that. To him, there's nothing better than mashed potatoes and gravy, and watching the sunset with Luka. He's humble, and knows how to appreciate the smaller things in life, and likes to help others see the smaller things too. He doesn't pay any mind to those who thinks he's boring. Most people see a walk in the park as a walk. Maybe they'll stop to feed the ducks a bit of their lunch if they have the time. Ari stops to enjoy the ducks in the pond, learning which ones like what kind of treats so he knows what to bring to see them do their happiest waddle.

Ari may be shy, and his nerves get to him often, but despite that he'll do his best to stay kind-hearted. Ari's willing to help whoever's in need to the best of his ability. He likes being able to help his friends solve a problem, and by being patient toward customers, and Luka. Ari does still have a hard time speaking with strangers, which can make his job hard on him sometimes, but he likes to think that he's gotten a lot better at it. He's prone to crying and panicking when something goes wrong, which can sometimes cause problems with his telekinesis. He doesn't do well under a lot of pressure.


Ari is 5'9 and has a slightly pudgy build. He loves colorful jackets, and anything with the primary colors. He has a pair of red glasses that he needs, and has a backup pair if needed.


  • Maple donuts
  • Sunsets
  • ASMR
  • Being alone
  • Tea


  • Crowded rooms
  • Losing his glasses
  • Coffee (If anything isn't added to it)
  • Cold days
  • Bugs


S/O: Luka
Parents: Evelyn and Pete
Half-Sister: Kiara
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A


  • His magic is in the Psionics Class, and he can levitate things with telekinesis. He can only do so with things he can easily carry. Levitating heavier things can easily exhaust him.
  • When he's stressed out, Ari can hardly levitate anything
  • Lives in Unity City
  • His hair is super soft
  • Loves to show others how to make home made donuts, and can make all kinds of donuts
  • He likes the simpler things in life the most
  • Not tech savvy at all and will often have to ask someone how things work when it comes to anything more then a cellphone
  • Fluent in French, English, and knows basic Spanish


His glasses can be red or black
His hair can cover his eye or not. Up to you!
He has freckles!
Can be drawn in an apron or any other outfit


Ari was raised by his mother, Evelyn, at a young age. He doesn't remember his father, Pete. That's because Pete had an affair with another woman not long after Ari was born. Pete had left Evelyn and Ari to go live with this other women, leaving Evelyn heartbroken. The only time Ari could see his dad was in photo albums that his mom still kept. Ari grew up to be your average kid. He had a normal life, average grades, and he liked his life like that. It was a simple life without drama. He could tell you all the things he loved growing up. Things like mashed potatoes and gravy, or watching the sunset with his family. But if you asked his his absolute favorite thing to do, Ari's answer would be making donuts with his Grand-mère. He always loved making them with her, and made all kinds of flavors and shapes of donuts.

Ari found out his magic power by complete accident. He was making donuts to surprise his family when things started going wrong. He dropped the mix, and was stressing out while he was cleaning up. He didn't realize he was levitating things until it was cleaned up. He had to learn how to control his telekinesis when he was under a stressful situation so it wouldn't happen again. Even though he's gotten better at it, it still happens from time to time when he's under more stress than he can really handle.

During high school, Ari became friends with a girl known as Kiara. He was welcomed into her little friend group she had. Even if he was normally quiet, they made sure he felt included. It made Ari happy. He eventually started joining in on the chats they had. He was interested in hearing about Kiara's animal shelter, and was later taken there. He was surprised when Kiara introduced the little group to her parents. He didn't think his dad would be there! Even Kiara looked surprised that the two knew each other! Pete admitted to Kiara that Ari was his son, and that they were half-siblings. He kept in contact with Kiara and the group, and will still sometimes talk to his dad.

While he was looking for a job, Ari found out about a small, family owned donut shop in Unity City. He was reminded of how he made donuts as a kid, and noticed that they were hiring. He took a chance and applied for the job. After telling the company about his donut making, he got the job. He had a hard time talking to costumers at first, but after some help he got the hang of it. One normal day at the shop, a gang had walked in to order donuts, he didn't know they were a gang at first, and one of the kinder ones. One of the shorter guys in it, he learned the guy's name was Luka, kept visiting for months by himself. Ari had chats with Luka and enjoyed the company. He got use to seeing Luka come by every week, and found himself sad when Luka missed a week. He was shocked when Luka asked him out on a date one day. Ari agreed and the two started dating shortly after. Luka introduced Ari to his friends, and moved in with Ari after awhile of being together.

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