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A small number of my character's backstories contain controversial or disturbing content matter, including:

- Gore

- Self-harm

- Nudity/NSFW imagery

- smoking/substance use

- caniballism

- mental illness

- heavy amounts of blood


Several of my characters are mature or adult-oriented, 18+, or other adult factors. This can include sensitive backstories, art, or profile content. I have marked characters as such and characters filtered under this tag both have a Mature Character block, and all NSFW imagery is tagged as such.

ALL NSFW/Gore/Sentitive imagery content is flagged as such with all of my characters.


I have vent characters in my Aesthetic folder!

These characters are frequently made to be used and abused to let off steam from everyday life, sometimes put into dangerous or frightening situations. None of these characters are based off of real people/things and are in now way meant to stand for abuse of people/animals. They are artistic creations and are in no way real or meant to be taken as real.

Because of this, these character's gallery/profile may contain:

* NSFW content/imagery

* Suggestive imagery

* Expletive language/gestures (cursing/swearing)

* Gore

* candy gore

* other sensitive imagery

Viewer discretion is advised and you have been warned!

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