✨ Morgu



5 years, 29 days ago

Basic Info


basically just a self-indulgent self insert. no deep characterization here.

alternates between

Noble Rose Queen and stupid chaos entity gremlin at any given time.

housecat: turkish angora.

loves a big silly wolf.

day job

the vore police

💖 :3c

arsy, frens, rose aesthetic, stuff creation, miatas, white and red, lemongrass, toe beans, chocolate

💔 3:

mayonnaise, tired, the sads, frustration, tiny human gremlins


🥀 M O R G U !

i'm highly inconsistent when drawing her. you can be too!

✔️ she is a turkish angora cat - please let me know if you are not comfortable drawing housecats!
✔️ finger beans and big paws or tiny dainty hands or even something in-between all OK!
✔️ if giving her paws, 4 or 5 digits on hands OK!
✔️ chunky digitigrade or slim digitigrade, but always fairly slim/small feet!
✔️ clothed or non-clothed OK!
✔️ defined (as in, boobies) or flat-chested (just fluffies) OK!
✔️ shade of red on markings is flexible
✔️ tail length/thickness is variable, but should always be relatively long and long-haired/thick, never short and thin unless otherwise noted!
✔️ i don't think it's on her ref because it wouldn't show up well, but i do like it when people give her whiskers :^3

❌ always digitigrade, never plantigrade!
❌ main fur color should always be white!
❌ no stompy feet! no planti feet!
❌ toe beans always present! feline toe beans, not canine!! important!!
❌ never draw without fur doughnut/fluff around neck! she will ALWAYS have a very defined neck fluff!

❌❌❌ stygian-shade version should not be used for reference!