Amaranth Callosum



1 year, 9 months ago



Ashen auric; blanched gold. She is a flower coated with the sun's kiss, a  darker gold dripping along her dorsum fading into a soft tawny beige that lines her underbelly. These glittering tufts of silken fur outline a lithe frame, pronounced and tall but carved only with lean muscle. Her movement mirrors the way beams of sun trickle through the canopy; her paws like glitter tickling the earth. A delicate dancer, steps soft upon unpaved paths. She is halcyon, she is royalty, and she screams of metallic, haunting beauty. Exotic eyes light her face, a tumultuous sea of untamed lilac. Impossible to read, but enticing none-the-less. Adding to the illusion of the crown she pretends to wear.

But be forewarned, nothing about the aurelian queen is forthright. Look closer, deeper into the depths of those violet eyes, and you may see the twinge of mania that lingers; trapped in the depths of her psyche. Look closer, and you may see the occasional stagger in her gait, a faltering in the composition of her elegant dance as her mind collapses inward.


Tinkering with my design, twist and tame my feral mind. Play with me 'til you've found another toy. Let me be your freak show, I could be your favorite monster. Rattle my whole cage, remind me why I can't be fostered. Lock me up, don't let me out ... 'cause you know I can't help myself. 

• Imaginative • Insomniac • Covetous • Unpredictable • Collector • Curious • 

Imagination runs wild; often far beyond what would be considered healthy. Amaranth suffers from familial insomnia, often plaguing her to a  point of frantic hallucination. But fear does not control her, for she embraces the dissonance; drinking in the nightmares and mutating them to her whim. But the longer she withdraws from sleep, the more profound her waking dreams become. Often, she finds herself forced into companionship to elucidate her world. Grasping at the straws of reality, she will seek nearly any sensation at times to free her spirit and awaken her mind. And the mind is a volatile place, indeed ... and this volatility can often manifest itself as unpredictability in her actions.  

As a specter herself, Amaranth seeks the odd and beautiful - drawn like a  moth to flame. Collecting is her pastime, and she is often seen toting a  prize clamped between her teeth (a feather, a gem, a tail, a lover).  Her cravings are not based on traditional values (standard beauty,  gender, et cetera), and she can often be fickle. There is no "good," no "evil," just desire. Devilish curiosity is thin veiled, and her desires veiled even thinner. The creature is covetous and uninhibited, and perhaps a bit braver than she should be.  And she is well-equipped with a hypnotic gaze to lure them in, and fangs to fasten them to her side.

There is little fear or regard for pain, nor is she afraid to inflict it; for the sting reminds her of the precious fragility of mortality.  Perhaps she is but a phantom of this realm, thinly veiled behind the guise of a delicate aurelian flower. Haunting and intoxicating.