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General Warnings

  • Some characters have themes of suicide, self harm, drug use, underage drinking, underage sex, nsfw, and other such 'adult' themes
  • Characters do not have individual warnings
  • Read at your own risk

  • Do not steal art/characters
  • Do not steal backstories
Other Info

  • I love all of my ocs dearly
  • I often use my ocs to cope with my own life
  • I do not condone any poor actions of my ocs or those featured in their lives
  • I have a lot of masc-aligned, LGBT, asexual, and mentally ill characters because I heavily relate to those things
  • Many of my ocs were created for bnha or haikyuu rps, which is why many of them are Japanese or part Japanese
  • I use the term "race" in the character sheets to mean both race and ethnicity since it just keeps things more standard

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