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my th may be a bit bright on your eyes, my apologies in advance

hey what’s up! you can call me wobby :3 i prefer he/him pronouns. pls browse this or something before offering on my ocs!


if interested in offering on an oc, make sure they do not have the tag NFO or GIFT. mutuals/friends can offer on anyone tho (except fh ocs)!

feel free to ask for pings on any of my ocs other than ones with the tag forever homed

and and! if you have an oc you think i might like feel free to show me :3c 

most of my ocs are dogs sorry lol

ONE MORE THING!!! if i do not reply to your offer on one of my ocs, it means i am not interested! i sometimes just can’t get to all the comments, but if you’d really prefer i reply just include that in your comment! ty!!


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