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I tend to use this site only for character organization! If you need to contact me it's better to use one of my other social medias.

DO NOT ASK IF MY CHARACTERS ARE FOR SALE IF THEY AREN'T IN THE FOR SALE FOLDER. They are not. I do not do pings. I am an entirely SFW Character artist, do NOT make any NSFW implications towards me or my characters.

I understand that I have a lot of characters. DO NOT USE THIS TO GUILT ME. Characters and art are one of my very few passions, and they make me happy. Please understand and respect that.

Please Do Not

  • Offer on characters NOT in the sale folder
  • Ask for pings
  • Replicate my characters
  • Make NSFW art of my characters

Stay Out if you are a

  • Proshipper
  • Transphobe/homophobe
  • Zoophile/pedophile
  • Racist/Anti-BLM
  • Supporter of NFTs

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