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Welcome to my page I am Nexus aad this account is a Wip. 

                                 About Me 

You can call me Nexus, and please use he/they pronouns. I am currently 18 and going to college fall 2023 as a Behavioral Analysis Major with a Freelance Writing Minor. I am a big Wings of Fire, Initial D, and Sk8 infinity fan. My comfort shows are The Office and Parks and Rec. I am also a Maladaptive Daydreamer. I currently sell mostly Wof based adopts, but all adopts I've posted can be found in my Adopts Folder. 


1. For certain characters you must be 18+ to view

2. Unsorted is never for sale those are where I store brand new characters until I move them. 

3. No homophobia, transphobia, abelism, or racism on my page. 

4. Never offer on a character unless they are in the ufo/eo/freebie folder

5. Be respectful, happy browsing! 

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