Bad Blood

Dog fighting across time, space and logic. Mix and match, form the abstract conflicts. This is an open source creative space, you may create characters to join in, as well as worlds for them to travel.

Details in profile:

  • Call names: Used in announcing fights, some dogs have different names when fighting.
  • Secret names: Only used between dogs that have interacted before, be it friend or enemy.
  • Homeworld: Where a dog originates from.
  • Conditional forms: The attributes that carry over even when viewed by other dogs.
  • In otherworlds: Traits that will always carry over even when traveling to other worlds that affected their physical forms.

Cool, I want to join, what do I need to do?

Easy, just make a dog like thing, give it a reason to be competing against other dog like things. Enjoy making the strange variations it takes when moving worlds, or as viewed by other fighters. FIGHT.