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Hi there, I see you stumbled upon my OC organization TH account 

 Please don’t steal any of these OCs 

now I don’t believe there is anything that could be offensive/triggering but here’s the warning just in case , but most if not all are on the cute side of things 

now I have came to the realization  that I have quite a few OCs that have bone markings/skulls ( they also might touch on the subject of death)  if you find yourself triggered by them here’s this is the only and last warning about them, I’m not going to mark them individually as their profile picture should be warning enough ( plus it would take way too long for me to do all that)

if an OC is in my sell folder its for sale if it’s not I’m probably not selling it 

The credits for the image up there is with Cromes images

P.S just a friendly reminder to not  Call me a hoarder/saying I don’t care about these OCs 

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