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  • PLEASE READ CHARACTER BIOS BEFORE YOU DRAW THEM!! This will help you get a better sense of their personality and design notes.
  • Please don't put my ocs in a dreamies folder,, 
  • Don't take heavy inspiration off my characters and stories (or steal them ofc)
  • Don't make anthro characters feral and vice versa, this includes making humanoids anthro or feral (unless you've gotten permission from me)
  • Don't come here to yell at me!! If you need to talk to me about something, please be mature and civil about it.
  • Don't gore of my characters without my permission
  • NEVER draw NSFW of ANY of my characters. I am a minor and do not give permission at all for this.
  • NEVER sexualize characters that are minors im begging of you I will m u r der you if you do
  • Don't try and avoid a block from me,, this includes getting your friends to ask why i blocked you it makes me really uncomfortable and i likely wont tell you the reason why- i dont block people often but uh hehe
  • to be added?
Content warnings

  • All kinds of abuse (Marked, specified abuse)
  • Neglect (Marked)
  • Mental illnesses (Marked [only expections are ADHD, Autism/Aspergers, OCD, and ones similar], specified mental disorder)
  • Self harm (Marked)
  • Manipulative behavior (Marked)
  • Body horror/Gore (Marked)
  • Sexual/Seductive/Suggestive behavior (Marked depending on severity)
  • Discrimination against minorities (Marked)
  • Flashing lights and eyestrain (Marked)
  • Addiction (Marked, specified addiction)
  • Murder (Not marked)
  • Sexual harrassment/assault (Marked)
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Other info

  • please read my byi list on my profile content- it'll help you understand how i think and inform you about certain behaviors i do
  • i say da naughties (cursing) sometimes so if that makes you uncomfortable i apologize!!
  • i usually take a while to respond because of my social anxiety and often plan out what to say -w-' pls bare with me
  • i literally dont care if you kin my characters expect if they're bad people or techno lol
  • basic dni list like, homophobe, transphobe, racist, ect. just like that lol
  • if u knew my old dni list no u didnt ❤️ /j
  • just dont be mean 😔

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