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WELCOME TO MY PROFILE THIS IS MY MAIN ACCOUNT ⬇ READ THE RULES BELOW ⬇ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFO ABOUT MY PROFILE 18+ CONTENT WARNING NSFW DRAWINGS SENSITIVE CONTENT TRIGGER WARNINGS GORE SEXUAL DRAWINGS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THINGS YOU MAY NOT DO ON THIS PROFILE this shouldn't have to be said but it sadly does (DON'T STEAL MY OCS OR DESIGNS !!!) DON'T HEAVILY REFERENCE MY OCS DON'T USE MY ART UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION AND DON'T BEG FOR MY OCS * do not spam me *ALL THE OCS IN THIS ACCOUNT ARE NOT FOR SALE OFFERS OR FOR TRADE THAT IS WHAT MY SALES ACCOUNT IS FOR YOU CAN FIND THAT HERE * i do not do pings unless you are previous owner * don't draw nsfw of my ocs without permission * do not draw nsfw of my ocs that are under age * do not kink my ocs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THINGS YOU ARE OK TO DO AND ENCOURAGED * you may favorite my ocs * you may comment *if you want to do an art trade or design trade i am always down just ask * if you want to draw my ocs that is ok as long as you put the art in their th or send it to me with base credits if used or where you want to be credited for me to do so *some of my ocs may have a price on their profile this does not mean they are for sale or ufo * feel free to look at my sales account you can offer buy or trade ocs there * take a look at my looking for creators folder maybe you can help me with art or design credits for those ocs -------------------- Thank you so much for reading take care

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