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Your characters all are so lovely!!

thank you!! <3

whats your da aaaa 

wakesfield! <3

your art is lovely!! and your characters are adorable!!

thank you so much omg!! im absolutely in love with your art, your style is so unique!! 

i wanted to follow u everywhere but i couldnt find your social media handles HAHAHA 

oh, thats so sweet of you!! aaaa!! i find it very hard to draw so that means a lot <:-) i don't really have much of an online presence but here's the old tumblr if you're interested, aha. I'm pretty quiet overall tho. i wanted to follow your twitter but i didnt want to be weird/didnt know if it was a personal account!

art definitely is hard, but you make it look so easy!!! i dont use tumblr that much but i'll definitely still give you a follow!! :^D
and for a second i had a heart attack bc i was like "oh SHIT did i link my personal twitter" LMAOO, its not weird at all though omg!!! my art twitter is @schadhauser <3 

aww, i could say the same for you, haha. thanks though! :-) and yeah i don't really use tumblr a whole lot either, but thank you anyway haha!

and HA god i've had that sudden panic before lmao-- but ahh thanks! digital spaces are so hard to navigate =o= i just followed u now!