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Looking for Art Trades :3

Posted 1 month, 16 days ago by commanderskeeper

Hello Everyone ;w; 

Just wondering if anyone would like to art trade with me? 

Looking mainly for ocs / pairings currently

- Fair trades 

- Oc x Canon (I won't draw Cullen or Alistair from Dragon Age for others its just a personal preference of mine) / Oc x Oc

- Ocs /Fandom characters welcome :3 

- Outfit trades are welcome too - As designing outfits is always fun to me ;w; 

Drawtober designs for sale :)

Posted 2 months, 13 days ago by commanderskeeper

The ones listed available are all here on my journal on Furaffinity :) ->

All have a general price on the journal but all are accepted as Offer to adopts - the ones not listed are ones I have either already printed out or are my own characters to begin with.

Please adopt to use and if you buy several I will draw additional quick base edit of there full design :)

Adoptable Purge

Posted 4 months, 15 days ago by commanderskeeper

I accept offers to so prices are just a guideline. 

- Artwork accepted

- Outfits over ocs - Unless its Halloween or Fantasy or Frog themed :3 

- Points or Cash (I live in the UK so British Pounds) 


OTA adopts most of them are draw to adopt. 

Art Fight 2022

Posted 7 months, 11 days ago by commanderskeeper

I will be taking part in art fight this year. 

Here's my profile for those taking part 😁

Oc Pairings

Posted 11 months, 19 days ago by commanderskeeper

Hello all :3 

My goals this year is to do my artwork so by avoiding art block I was thinking of creating more oc x oc pairs :) 

As I have a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons Characters and Original Characters that are single :D 

I have characters from a bunch of different sexuality as representation is important to me :) - Dungeons and Dragons Characters that are single are featured here :) - Mains , Secondaries and Misc Characters are the ones I'm the most open to ship with :) 

Requests open over on my Twitter.

Posted 11 months, 30 days ago by commanderskeeper

Followers on Twitter only though.

Since I wanted to practice my traditional artwork and practice this pop art kinda style I have :) 

Alot of adopts still open

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by commanderskeeper

Looking for:
- Money (Paypal) 

- Artwork 

- clothing for characters

- virtual currency - deviantart points 

Not interested in: 

- Characters - as I have alot i need to go through already probably shouldn't add to my growing list D: 

I also have ocs in this folder that I'm not very attached to so I will accept offers on them too:

Cute Tober update!

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by commanderskeeper

Basically on my other social media platforms I have been posting artworks following the prompt list by Oceans in Space. 

Some of these ladies I want to turn into prints but not all of them so I am going to post them on here as adoptables or as characters I'm going to keep for myself. 

Each will be £10 each as its a full coloured illustration of the character and they take me a while to do. 

There will be delay in the end of the month posting as I have a season job for Halloween :) 

update: I have posted all the artworks I have done for cutetober and the ones on here are open for adoption :)