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Help me create some pairings.

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by commanderskeeper

I have some ocs that I would to create ships for some are fandom and others are original who I love to have the opportunity to draw more often with a special someone ;w; 

Fandom First: 


[BNHA] Chiyoko Madoka - 15 - Bisexual - Canon suggestions - her quirk is to do with Vampires and her personality is similar to Rapunzel from Tangled 

BNHA - Ki Mitsubachi  - 15 - Bisexual - Canon suggestion or OC - his quirk is to do with Bees - he is shy awkward dork type ;w; 

[BNHA] Azure Akiho -15 - Lesbian - Canon Suggestion or OC - Her quirk is undecided so Ideas for that as well would be wonderful ;w; (can either help with complimenting or conflict with her pairing ;w; 


DC: Priscilla 'Cylia' Burke - Curious / undecided - Canon Suggestions or OC

[DC] Draconia Izora - Bisexual - Canon suggestion or OC

Pokemon: Pokemon- Chiaki - undecided - Oc suggestions prefered


The only ones I am picky and not really going to ship unless I really like your oc alongside is Damien, Trey, Tim and Keina 


Posted 4 years, 2 months ago by commanderskeeper

Hello all!

I have a bunch of ocs still left for sales

- Money (£ or $ accepted) 

- Virtual Currency (Points - Deviantart)

- Artwork

- Characters / Outfits 


Naruto Ocs
Misc Fandom: 
Original Characters: 
Aesthetic Customs - All are £2 / $2 / 200 :points: 


Just wondering if anyone has point commissions / art trades open for drawing couples. 

for trades I have one rule - If your pairing is oc x canon like mine I won't draw any of of these characters for you -Characters I won't draw for PCM, AT or Requests - no offence its just personal preference that's all

Looking for: 

Cullen Rutherford x Corinne Evans 

Paladin Danse x Cyrene

Peter Quill (Starlord) x Estelle

Nova Baines x Dr Suvi Anwar

I take price / quality into consideration in PCM
Style into consideration for trades also
Note me or comment below for trades.  

UFT + single ocs

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago by commanderskeeper


UFT Ocs ->

Original Ocs that are single -

Ladies: - Bisexual - Heterosexual - Lesbian - Bisexual - Bisexual - Lesbian - Bisexual (Shy around girls though)

Pokemon - - Heterosexual 

Boys: - Homosexual  - Homosexual

BNHA - - Bisexual - His Quirk is to do with Bees

These two are also Single but I am very picky with who they are paired with so don't be offended if I turn your idea of shipping down - Heterosexual (but is slightly bi-curious) - Bisexual (Extremely flirtatious with it as well) 

UFT ocs

Posted 4 years, 8 months ago by commanderskeeper

Gaia Ocs ->

Free ->

UFT ->

Characters aren't something i'm looking for but I will still look just in case something takes my fancy

Comment below if interested. 

OTA OCS / Single OCs!

Posted 4 years, 8 months ago by commanderskeeper

Hello all! 

I have a bunch of Ocs that I'd love to trade also a few single ocs (Fandom included) and I just would love to show them some appreciation or ideas of pairings with my original ocs that remain single might be great idea. 

My only rule is no reselling unless you paid for them with Points (You can sell them for more if you get more artwork) 

OTA Ocs:

Single Ocs: Some of these I am picky about ;w; 

Bold = Very Picky

Italics = Slightly picky

If neither are selected means I'm not that fussed / attached


Closed Species: (My Species The Yn' can date / romance other races) 

Single OCs! Fandom! Original!

Posted 4 years, 10 months ago by commanderskeeper

Single Ocs: 

Original Ocs: 



Fandom Ocs:


Tokyo Ghoul
Dragon Age:  (Only if you don't mind being part of my canon timeline D: )

Single ocs!

Posted 4 years, 10 months ago by commanderskeeper


Here  are my single ladies and gents

The only two out of these I'm picky with pairings are Fain and Ana

Sexuality are stated underneath. if your interested.