Night Keepers

 Night Keepers
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 Currency x248
 Hearty Mushroom x4
 Tangy Leaf x4
 Sweet Berries x4
Shield Crystalx2
Freezesprite dustx1

All actions here are logged in [UTC -1] Eastern Greenwich Time (the timezone they run on) and dates are based on the time I posted the form (not the time of the post linked, which will always be the results).

 8/12/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Tangy Leaf & 4 C

 8/13/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Tangy Leaf, weapon upgrade (-100 C)

 8/15/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Sweet Berries & 5C, battle training

08/16/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Sweet Berries

08/17/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Tangy Leaf & 2C

08/18/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Hearty Mushroom & 3C

08/20/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Shield Crystal & 3C

08/21/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Hearty Mushroom

08/22/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Sweet Berries

08/23/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Sweet Berries & 1C

08/24/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Hearty Mushroom

08/25/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Hearty Mushroom

08/27/19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +1 Tangy Leaf

"Oh! Hey there! You! Welcome to the Knights' Shop!"

This is my guild's shop! To purchase something, leave a comment on Akeron's profile, or PM me on CS! A sale done through PMs will be screenshotted and posted to Akeron's comments simply to keep a consistent log of all sales.
To see if we have a certain item in stock, check the inventory tab to the left.

 Hearty Mushroom 20 Currency
 Tangy Leaf 20 Currency
 Sweet Berries 20 Currency
 Shield Crystal 20 Currency
 Freezesprite Dust 100 Currency

A Catacombs Guild

Night Keepers - a well-balanced guild of peace-keepers and protectors. Collectively referred to by others as "the Knights", since it is phonetically similar to their guild name.

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 Shade// founder

001 | male | LVL 2
A middle-aged male cat with a protective streak.

Akeron// Merchant

002 | male | LVL 0
A friendly shopkeeper who loves to help out.