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Hello~! this is an official warning before viewing my page. My OCs are mine and mine alone. Unless you are my close friend and we are collaborating on a story do NOT use my OCs for ANY PURPOSE!!! Fanart however IS allowed, no need to ask. I DO have characters that might be triggering, please tread lightly and avoiding reading bios if the warnings trigger you. Any profile that displays graphic imagery will have a secondary warning ^^

Please Do Not

  • Use my OCs art as your pfp or dnd/rp reference. It's disrespectful to me and the artists who I paid
  • Recolor/Use design elements from my OCsĀ 
  • Use my stories I wrote for your own OCs
  • Beg for my OCs

Content Warnings

  • Sexual images/innuendos (properly marked as NSFW)
  • Minor body horror/blood
  • References to abuse and religious trauma in biosĀ 
  • Lots of LGBT+ if you don't like that PLEASE LEAVE MY PAGE

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