Chat with Friends(And make some!)

Posted 4 months, 27 days ago (Edited 4 months, 25 days ago) by Shugahime

So, I have recently come into wanting to be part of this site more, and would love to belong to a circle of friends, or some such thing. I will warn, I am not an artist, but I am a roleplayer.
I have anthros, and some fandom ocs, but anyway...

I'm 24, female, and I love dolls, and video games.
I am a lesbian. Yessss I like girls. >///< And taken by an amazing woman!
I own a 2ds, hoping to upgrade soon! I currently have Pokemon, Monster Hunter, and Animal Crossing!

My favorite shows are Steven Universe and Star vs. The Forces of Evil.
I am also into anime, though not as much as I use to be. Yes, I have a few anime fandom characters... Mostly Sailor Moon though. o3o
I am a bit picky with music, my favorite bands being Buck-tick, FEMM, and Kamelot. I will warn... my tastes in music are very, very weird. xD

I can't wait to meet you all soon!!

RandomStorytale I don't have a PS4, but I am hyped! My GF is getting it so I can at least watch her play it! You excited about MH Stories? Yes I did!! I hope it gets released as a national dlc and not restricted to JP. ;w;

hey sub to me! oh wait you already do <3 hope you make some good new pals, shuga :) 

I hope so too, but... I wanna ride Murder Pickle SO bad. OwO Have any monsties you dying to ride??

If I could sub to you again I would! xD -glomps-
Would you mind if I bothered you once in awhile just to talk? xD


psh, of course. you know how to be in touch, hun. Can always toss stuff on the OOC thread in our world and I"ll see it if you don't feel like getting on discord or whatever

Okay. <3 I just wanted to make sure. x3 Cause I do have something I wanna talk about. xD

Heya! I'm maybe hoping to be more active on here too! Though, I feel like I don't really fit here. I love Animal Crossing too : D! I love the Monster Hunter that was on the old Wii many years ago! I don't want much anime either, I bascially only watch it with my sister XD. I loved Kamisama Kiss though! I thought it was super cute <3

Hopefully, we can fix that!
Which platform do you have Animal Crossing for?? I have ACNL for the 3ds. :)
Hehe, I gotcha, more or less these days I only watch it if it has a good yuri plot. x.x


Aw <3 I hope so! <3

I play on the 3DSXL/3DS! I've been playing AC games since Wild World on the DSLite! I actually got my first DS, when I was a kid, just to play that game because I had seen my sister play it and she let me play a little and I loved it! So Animal Crossing will always have a special place in my heart <3 

Ah ok! It's hard to find shows in general with goods plots *le sigh*. I don't understand why movies/shows/etc. don't put more effort into the stories >.> I mean I really do enjoy studying CGI and animation as I have a passion for it and have done animations, but for like immersion in the movie, I want a good story XD


This is actually my first one, so I am a bit of a newb. xD I have New Leaf, and I wasn't sure I would like it at first... but I'm addicted! Who's your favorite villager??

They just don't make Studio Ghibli movies like they use to, huh?? xD

heya! I'm Alex. I am.... very new to this site. Just joined yesterday! I'm eighteen, and I own several ds+ds lites, along with a dsi {im such a loser, i'm jealous of your 2ds}. I've always wanted to play animal crossing but I haven't given the effort to go get it. I absolutely adore su and svtfoe, though my heart will always belong to gravity falls. I used to be really into anime, but I kinda burned myself out. I can assure you my music taste is just as weird if not weirder than yours ;3

I plan on mostly being an artist on here, but I might get into roleplayin' too. I hope we can chat or at least sub to each other ;0

You love Gravity falls too?! -sparkly eyes-
What kind of music do you like then? :)

OMG, your Absynthe is so adorable. <3 Dulcie would give her many hugs.

I would love to chat with you, and perhaps even roleplay with you!!


Oh! Well, this was certainly a good game to get in on Animal Crossing with! This one had some many things added to it! In the previous games, you weren't a mayor, couldn't swim, didn't have socks or half as many accessories! I just about died from excitement when I first saw the trailer for New Leaf! Though, it was many years before I got the game bcause I didn't have a 3DS. I love Deidre! The little deer neighbor? She's so cute!

I've actually only ever seen one Studio Ghibli movie XD, I want to see more though! I've only seen Howl's Moving Castle! I absolutely loved it though! It was so adorable <3 The music was so enchanting too <3

Shugahime Of course! It's such a beautiful show. The thing with my music taste is i enjoy most everything from oldies to rock to punk to electic swing, just normal swing, some rap, you name it... I like to listen to 80's {sometimes newer} japanese or korean music sometimes when I'm drawing, though I've never given effort to see what the words actually mean. It's pleasant to even just hear as background music.

EDIT// I saw like, the first 15 minutes of howls moving castle and then fell asleep. I enjoy a few of their other films, though!

EDIT 2 CAUSE I'M FORGETFUL// Thank you! Dulcie is so cute!