Chat with Friends(And make some!)

Posted 4 months, 26 days ago (Edited 4 months, 24 days ago) by Shugahime

So, I have recently come into wanting to be part of this site more, and would love to belong to a circle of friends, or some such thing. I will warn, I am not an artist, but I am a roleplayer.
I have anthros, and some fandom ocs, but anyway...

I'm 24, female, and I love dolls, and video games.
I am a lesbian. Yessss I like girls. >///< And taken by an amazing woman!
I own a 2ds, hoping to upgrade soon! I currently have Pokemon, Monster Hunter, and Animal Crossing!

My favorite shows are Steven Universe and Star vs. The Forces of Evil.
I am also into anime, though not as much as I use to be. Yes, I have a few anime fandom characters... Mostly Sailor Moon though. o3o
I am a bit picky with music, my favorite bands being Buck-tick, FEMM, and Kamelot. I will warn... my tastes in music are very, very weird. xD

I can't wait to meet you all soon!!


Oh man, that stinks! It's really the worst when the controls don't work properly : <. That explains why the tutorial was so hard! Yeah, I'm glad that it was free too if it's not setup right! Aw, I don't mind hearing about Morrowind, it's a great game and it's near and dear to my heart <3! Hopefully Steam will do that! I know that they occasionally throw mega sales on everything, so fingers crossed for you <3 I don't know anything about the first Dark Souls, just the third XD, my brother got it on Steam and told me about some of it and sent me the music, WHICH IS SO GORGEOUS I LOVE IT AKSDJFLDSKJAFL. I also keep accidently finding fanart of Dark Souls XD, I have no idea what it's about but the characters are cool so I just fave it anyway XD


Yeah, only thanks to Steam mega summer sales I was able to afford Hollow Knight and Darkest Dungeon lol. I actually can't buy stuff with my own card cause it's not activated for the internet so I do all payment through friend lmao, and now I got an idea that what if I try to to do commisions but instead of money (since I can't throw my card into paypal) ppl would pay with Steam games lmao. Someone on tumblr told me that's a thing people sometimes do so I'm really considering that so I can finally get my hands on Morro lmao (and Okami. preorder appeared in Steam store, the rumors were true about the PC port 8D). YES THE SOULSBORNE MUSIC IS SO GOOD. The musicians they chose for this are absolute geniuses, I listen to the OST so often while drawing haha. Part of why I like Souls so much it's because of the medieval setting. And sadly most of the games ruin it by MAKING GOSH DARN BOOB ARMOR. OR EVEN WORSE. JUST ARMOR UNDERWEAR. PLZ. In Dark Souls you sometimes can't even tell if the character is male or female if you pile enough stuff on them lmao.

hi people! I'm Bunny, and I like bunnies, drawing, cute things, and chickens. I want friends but I'm an introvert and I don't know how to people.

Clockwork Those sales are really an amazing thing XD LOL. Oh, that must be frustrating D : I can understand to some extant, I have a card, but no Paypal so I have a family member pay with their Paypal and then I pay them back for adopts and such LOL. That would be a neat idea! I'm sure people would like that, it just adds a special fun layer to it by buying games for the artist you are commissioning! You should try it! Oh, I'm so glad that it's coming out on Steam so that you can get it! It's an amazing game! Yeeeeees those composers just knocked it out of the park! I love love love medieval music and settings! Knights are the best! When I was a kid, I would annoy my mother (I was home schooled) by always wanting to do the Middle Ages for history over and over XD, I'd win about every other year or so LOL, after the Middle Ages she'd force me to do the Renaissance and the history up to the sometime after the Revolutionary War, XD. Yeah, it's so annoying when the armor doesn't even work as armor XD, sometimes I'm inclined to play male characters because their clothes at least make sense! Oh, that's awesome that you can just pile on the armor in Dark Souls! bunnison Hello! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE BUNNIES *spasms* ok I'm good now....maybe... Your icon is really cute!

DivviviaOlexiusG BUNBUNBUNBUNBUNNIES!!!!! =:) Thanks! Yours is cute too :)

Sorry for disappearing, life has been hectic, and crazy. x.x
I hope y'all been doing alright. <3

Anyways, family drama has been happening, along with stress, and all that FUN stuff. What have y'all been up to? :)


Hope stuff is going fine for you now /o/


This is pretty much how I bought Hollow Knight for myself. Asked friend is she can buy it for me from her card and then I wanted to give her the money back irl but she realized she never gave me a birthday gift this year so she turned that into a gift xD Yeah I'm defo doing it, probs on market forums here since I haveno other place to advertise self lol. Problem is I have 0 sense of self-worth. If we take that Morro is 15 euro how much of my art is worth that? A headshot? Two headshots? Fullbody? Full scenery? I DON'T KNOW D'8 Yess I love knights and armor so much. Sadly I never managed to properly use that for my oc designs /sob/ Yeah often times I play as a male too just to have armor that actually looks like armor. And then there are games where male armor is some weird almost naked fuckery too and just.. devs what the hell is wrong you xD

bunnison Aw, thank you! I commissioned for it <3

Shugahime Aw, I'm sorry things have been rough! I was worried about you D : I hope things are better now! *hugs* Oh, I've been doing my usual, drowning in school work XD, though I have Thanksgiving break, but I still have some things to do so I won't be taking the whole things off : <

Clockwork That was sweet of your friend! Aw, I'm sorry : < What is it you don't like about your art? I looked at your Tumblr, and I definitely think your headshot would be worth it, but it's also a matter of building an audience : < Whenever I think about doing commissions, I figure I'd start with dirt cheap ones for practice and to garner attention, and then raise the prices once I get a hang of it and people are interested. I think the main problem would be that you have a really unique style that's not just another anime copy paste style, which will probably make it harder even if artistically speaking it could be considered better due to it's more original nature. It's a shame that most people who appreciate darker art vanished off of deviantart years ago : < I don't know about Tumblr as I'm not on there often due to the fact that there's no mature warning. Also I would take into consideration how long it takes you to do each piece? Aw, how come you haven't been able to use the knights and armor for your characters D : ? Armor is hard to draw, but I'm a dork who was determined to do it since I was a kid basically and all of my stories involve knights pretty much so I don't have much of a choice LOL. It makes me sad though, because more artists will have a thing that says they won't draw complex armor for commissions and lots of my characters wear complex armor *wipes tear* . What kind of stories and such do you make for your characters (I didn't see much info on your characters when I clicked on a few on your account XD). LOL yeah, some of the male armor can be so ridiculous too! I remember one time in the expansion thingy for Oblivion with the Shivering Isles there's these two races of women, one are these gold fully armored ladies, and the other wear these skimpy spiky armor bikinis, and whichever side you pick, in the end you get their brother once picked the bikini ladies....and when he put the armor on his male Nord....LOLOLOL It was like a spikey armor bikini for men LOLOL IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING XD He never really wore for obvious reason LOL.