Censoring character icons?

Posted 2 months, 9 days ago (Edited 2 months, 9 days ago) by Milkweed

I've got this fellow here who's sustained a pretty serious injury and visible injury to his right eye. I was wondering if I ought to censor his avatar? I have a pretty high tolerance for this sort of thing, so my parameters are all off -- I'm not sure if I'm totally fine and just overthinking things, or if it's actually alarming. I feel sort of weird censoring him since it's not gore or anything, it's just his actual face, but I'd waaay rather change the image than freak people out with it, especially since avatars show up everywhere with no warning.

Please also feel free to share any method you've used to create a nice, pleasant avatar for your characters!

I honestly feel like he's fine, but I also have a handful of characters who have suffered similar injuries! (and I've played a game recently where a protag suffered much worse and his scarring was very detailed) If you're really worried, you could probably just give him an icon that's in-profile (like here) and facing right, which would gracefully hide the most prominent injury, in case people are squicked out by eye injuries in a simple style.

Seconding Pepperly! Alternatively, you could always try to work the censor in some sort of aesthetic way. I used to be friends with someone who had a picture with eye horror, and it actually looked quite nice with a black bar covering her eyes in an avatar.

I personally think it's fine too! But if you want to change it then I agree with afternath's suggestion especially. My friend has a character who normally wears an eyepatch because of injuries, but I drew him with a flower instead once, which I think came out pretty neat. It could be a good excuse to do an art experiment :D

Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear I was stressing needlessly, so I'll probably go ahead and leave him as is. I genuinely really appreciate you all weighing in!

Waltz That's a really nice drawing, I love that idea quite a bit.