LF Romantic OC Relationships

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When offering for ships, please show me who you are offering and for which of my characters. It'd also be nice if you already have an idea of how they could work out! If your character doesn't have information on their profile, please tell me about them! 

RP Comfort Meme

**All of my characters are monogamous and I would like for their partner to be so as well.**
**I'm okay with headcanoning only and not RPing, or headcanoning along with RPing!**

There are a few situations that I've been wanting to try lately, including:
♥fake dating turning to something real♥
♥coworkers (for some reason, I haven't had a ship like this yet??)♥
♥model x manager
♥knowing each other for a while, but only recently seeing the other in a romantic light♥

Now onto the characters in question! If you'd like to know more about anyone, feel free to ask~

Actively Looking for Ships

 ♦Available for Ships

**please ping me**

I updated the link and now there are more available characters!

Blueberries24 I'll decline for interactions with Elliot and Sage, but may I hear more about the Unnamed kiddo and Lexi for something with Everette maybe?


Lexi is a 19 year old who's trying to get some sort of job as an actor, but it's not working out well so far. He doesn't have much, just the savings his parents gave him and the money that he can get from his part-time job, a cafe. It's just enough for him to pay rent and get by on, really. His apartment is shabby, and small, but it's all he can do for now. He'll be going back to his family pretty soon, unless he can prove that he'll be fine on his own- which he hasn't, yet. For him, I was thinking maybe Everette was a neighbor or a customer at the cafe that he eventually winds up opening up to and ranting about his situation about?

For the unnamed kiddo, I was thinking of her living in the house left by her parents a few months after she was 22. Her parents didn't have a big house, really, but it was a nice one. Despite the fact that they left her quite a sum of money, she wants to work and feel like she isn't sitting around doing nothing, so she eventually makes a few ads that she's a pet-sitter. After a few jobs, it's obvious that cats like her a lot more than dogs, and she starts debating getting a pet, but not until she gets done with those jobs. Maybe with her, Everette can be a customer or hers and she goes on and on about how cute the animal is?

As you can probably tell, I like cutesy meetings XD

Blueberries24 Oo I think Lexi and Everette would work well together! I can see Everette supporting Lexi's dream of working as an actor~

Feel free to PM me your Skype, Discord, or LINE!