LF Romantic OC Relationships

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When offering for ships, please show me who you are offering and for which of my characters. It'd also be nice if you already have an idea of how they could work out! If your character doesn't have information on their profile, please tell me about them! 

RP Comfort Meme

**All of my characters are monogamous and I would like for their partner to be so as well.**
**I'm okay with headcanoning only and not RPing, or headcanoning along with RPing!**

There are a few situations that I've been wanting to try lately, including:
♥fake dating turning to something real♥
♥coworkers (for some reason, I haven't had a ship like this yet??)♥
♥model x manager
♥knowing each other for a while, but only recently seeing the other in a romantic light♥

Now onto the characters in question! If you'd like to know more about anyone, feel free to ask~

Actively Looking for Ships

 ♦Available for Ships

**please ping me**

wodmerful Okay! Do you have a Skype, Discord, or Line where we could talk more/rp?

My skype and discord are listed on my profile-- just hover over the two buttons and the usernames will pop up. I also have a line, and I can tell you the information when you add me on either of the platforms(or all of them, hell, i could care less xD)

wodmerful I sent a contact request on Skype!