LF Flerous Relationship!!

Posted 3 months, 11 days ago (Edited 2 months, 15 days ago) by vvingblade

I am literally so jazzed to start using Saeran in an RP sense to get him developed, so I'm looking for some relationships for him! I do have a different relationship seeking post up, but this one is just for him.

Looking mostly for friends, maybe a few family members? I am also looking for an SO for him but would prefer they be another Flerous! 

Mostly looking for other gang/mafia related characters since Saeran in in a gang! Really want to establish at least one childhood best friend kind of thing but otherwise I'm totally open to new friendships! Romantically I'd prefer another male but some females may sway me. Preferably one who could kick his ass.

You can click his image to be led to his profile :0