Character Purge! (NEED THESE GONE!)

Posted 3 months, 25 days ago (Edited 30 days, 1 hour ago) by Steph-nee-chan

So these babies are up for sale:

Non-species babies: 5 USD 40 USD 25 USD (has more art wich can be shown on request)

Leave a comment or PM if you want to buy, first come first serve. Paypal only!


Steph-nee-chan kicks self

I'd like to be considered for the dreamy ; u ; 


I'd also love to be considered for Shan'na, the Dreamy ;w; <3 Have been looking for a cute dreamy and her palette absolutely speaks to me! 

hi! sorry I cant buy anything, would love to help you out but sadly broke ;; but ill share this  topic with some friends <3

id love to apply for rowan!
im thinking hed be a spiritual medium, like my girl elspeth. his plush kitty houses the soul of his pet cat that passed away years ago - the soul is capable of using the plush to move about, and is able to vocalize, sometimes even able to speak words if his owner is in grave danger. him and elspeth would probably be related!


Bwaah that eeray is so cute ;_; 

I'd like to apply for Rowan! Because I don't want to make this too big of a post, I'll put it in a spoiler! I hope this isn't too long!

Rowan would be an orphan, losing their parents, and their eye, in a car accident when they were younger. They had been passed around from foster home to foster home, all were kind to Rowan, but their kindness could never really "crack open" the shell they formed around them since the accident. As they had found out during/after the accident that it was no accident, and that it was done with pure malicious intent, Rowan possibly being the key to this occurring. Because of this, Rowan "shuts down" and stops speaking. That is, until they meet Aura, a strange person with a similar disposition and even an eye patch. They would have met at the hospital, Aura being their for his guardian, and Rowan being there for their monthly checkup. Rowan would be oddly drawn to the slow speaking, strange boy. Aura, being one to bes honest and non-judgemental would be the one to break Rowan's "shell." Instead of being mindful of his words and tiptoeing around the whole subject, he asks Rowan outright, about why they were missing an eye, their situation, and how they had felt. Unlike everyone else, who simply avoided the topic they much wanted to get to the bottom of, or simply saying their condolences and nothing more, Rowan found interest in actually speaking for once. But found that when they tried, they couldn't, but somehow, the doll Rowan held, was able to speak for them. The doll was able to, by some strange force, communicate all of Rowan's thoughts to Aura, much to their surprise. 

I'll stop here before this gets far too long, but here's a bit of what I had in mind! Rowan's relationship to Aura would be something like siblings. When I say, "something like" I mean, they aren't related by blood of course, but share a very close, platonic bond.

Eeray and Mothball are no longer pending and are available again!

I'll take your mothball, if she's still available.

MonsterInsideMe I'll pm you

Ahh may I get the MYO eeray bby?

BunnyTricked I'll pm you