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On all of my characters! My mains, secondaries, etc
Firstly, here's the normal trades.

Next are the mains, secondaries, tertiary.
Do know that I'm awfully tentative with them. Feel free to offer anything tbh. Merch, art, pre-mades, steam, etc.

Oh, I'll end this at the end of Sept;;;

I too have a wishlist similar to most people!

You know, Osenyan (i must be dreaming lool), Rehmiel's designs, Venos, Tabanei's designs, etc.

You get what I mean ; v ;

1.adsketch_by_sanmedare-dbm12o0.jpg30 art (3 hidden) - RPAdopts + Will giftcapture_20170829_045739_by_sanmedare-dbm5 art - Kuumone

2. 2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm24 art - POTATO--DONO
3. taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8gg5.png13 art - Yumigomy
4.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm24 art - Radiant / rqnull [CS - Resonaré ]
5.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm5 art - Enapropro-Adopts
6.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm15 art - Kemikel
7.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 89 art - Sanmedare
8.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 16 art + (many pending coms) - Relxion [CS - Lineheart]
9. 5 art + (many pending coms) - Nemukuri
10.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8nao.png 2 art -  ugly-g0d [CS - Novatt] MYO by Nyancchi
11. taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8odp.png29 art - Rehmiel
12.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 3 art - SataZakuro [CS -Sercene]
13.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 10 art - heinrichhans
14. dehsofa_by_sanmedare-dbhha4y.gif9 art - xianta-chan
15.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8qhl.png 2 art - R0HI0
16.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 6 art - Neobirdy
17.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 4 art - animadopts
18.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8rdu.png 11 art - Hatori
19.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 11 art - Nishipu
20. taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8s27.png2 art - ugly-g0d
21.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8shl.png 3 art - kokotensho
22.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 23 art - PatootieCat
23.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 4 art - Unknown
24.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8tqh.png 19 art - Marbule + Will gift 2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 12 art - Unknown
25.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8uq9.png 23 art - PatootieCat

26.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8v0m.png 11 art - PatootieCat
27.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8vgr.png 9 art - Belzoot
28.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 12 art - PatootieCat + will gift the bunny in the screenshot - Unknown
29.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 6 art - glittergloo [CS - VesselDevil] MYO/Custom - Unknown
30.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 11 art - Coluorful
31.taptothebeat_by_sanmedare-dbm8wpm.png 10 art - Idk which??
32.2980174_5qfoz21esxnhiww_by_sanmedare-dbm 11 art - PatootieCat

I'm interested in them https://sta.sh/0c862cdvaxj https://sta.sh/01ge3gqnhgva Would u be interested in anyone here?? https://instaliga.com/tag/turnipocs

Daggerzzzz I saw no one that interest me!

SkeleTelestic I'll have to pass!


Alrighty, thanks for looking. One last offer, would you be interested in art for 8?

SkeleTelestic I prefer to avoid art offers for him ;v; 

does anyone interest you here for number's 1, 10, or 20?

edelvermell Not quite!

Too many cute babes...before I even try, does anyone here interest you?
(Especially the LH...>//<)

candydips Oooo, you definitely have a lot of eye-catching characters! Some caught my interest.

Would you be able to PM me the list you're interested in?
I'm interested in your tentative trades (which most come with extra arts).
I am willing to do multiples depending on who you liked.
So I think it's better to discuss via PM? ^^

candydips Gladly! I'll send the PM to you in a bit.