✨ALL Dreamies/Czylphs UFT (CLOSING SOON)✨

Posted 2 months, 16 days ago (Edited 4 days, 23 hours ago) by TheNobles

***Update 11/19***

We will be closing the thread in a few hours! Make your final offers! Try to keep to what we are looking for, but your free to offer whatever!

If you offered something in the past,feel free to reoffer again because we'd like a fresh look at it!

We are closing to relook at the Characters we have. Will open up again in future when we weed out the ones we can't connect with.


We have been really trying to narrow our characters down and focus on the ones we love. With all the recent new events that have occurred, we would like to start settling down a bit and getting our lives together where we both can get married, start our dream careers and more. We are not planning on leaving the adopt community fully, just slowing down and taking a break. :)

Anyway, before we get started, please do consider checking out our other sales post here where we are selling alot of other CS/Non-CS characters!

Paypal Only. No E-checks. No Holds. Willing to discuss Payment Plans (no longer than 1 month)
Payment within 24 hours of confirmation from us.
We have the right to deny sale without reason.

Sales (May Offer On, but mostly looking for $$)

Regal (Dreamy - Kodirge - $500)

Trades (Contains Dreamies, Czylphs and Preamy)


Easy contains character's we are more willing to trade without worry.


Medium contains character's we still love, but are willing to still trade; but have to still think it over.


Hard contains character's we absolutely adore and really want to expand on the story, etc and love them more, but are finding a hard time to. We are less likely to trade them off easily unless we find a character that would suit their original roles.


Impossible is impossible. These character's are most likely not going to be traded, but we are willing to look at offers. 


Looking for: Dreamy, Czylph, pre-made Dreamy/Czylph MYO 

3 - Way Trades are Fine! Please do make sure everyone is in loop!

DO NOT OFFER: MYO SLOTS, Vouchers, Other Characters, Art, Customs (Only From Kodirge)

If you offer something that is not what we are "looking for" we will ignore your offer!

Comment or PM!

I have one of these two dreamies for Glamour? (trying for a three way! ) https://toyhou.se/1100965.sun https://toyhou.se/1216072.sterling

mufifins we'll pass :)

Mem We'll pass~

Are any of the other designs in your trade folders possibly going to be for sale at a later date?

Suoish Maybe, maybe not. It really is unsure since most of the designs were all strictly through trades. There is like 2-3 designs able to be resold, but most are in the hard folder which are one's we are planning on story line for still and aren't as keen on letting go. :)

Okay. I'll try to keep an eye out. There's a few I'd love to rehome, but I don't have anything design-wise to trade.

Might be closing this soon :/

Hey I would really love to re-offer ( that's absolutely awesome you're allowing that )
Let me know if anyone here or https://toyhou.se/edelvermell/characters/folder:178167 interest you for Aster, Basil, Glitz, Prisma, Xemnas, or Kaleos
Such lovely characters!

edelvermell Hello! Thank you for the offer, they are all adorable still, but we will pass <3

LunaEden They are cute, but we will pass <3