* Entertaining Offers *

Posted 5 months, 3 days ago (Edited 7 days, 7 hours ago) by Kiinsy

Entertaining offers on all my characters!

All Characters HERE !

Trade / Resell Folder HERE !

  • This is not first come, first serve!
  • Mostly looking to resell
  • Payment plans can be discussed
  • Wish list HERE !

Mains & Pets are Very Tentative!

MYO folder is Tentative - looking for cs from wishlist!

PM me to claim!

If you have any questions you can also either pm me or leave a comment ^^


GOTCHA thanks for considering anyway! 💖💖


Hello ! I know you're looking to get Annies or swaps for April, would perhaps co-ownership https://toyhou.se/3173842.muffin/gallery of this one be of interest ? She's open for co-ownership and I happen to have something Leka likes so ! Just wondering ;//A//; 

https://toyhou.se/2429657.sheryl there's this one uft as well that I could try to get as I do own some designs Mamu is into ?


Ace-Of-Shadow I do adore Muffin's design, but I think I might only be looking for full ownership, just due to how tentative April is, sorry ^^;;;


https://toyhou.se/2960145.-tbn Hi this gal is really cute ;v; i have a bunch of ocs in these two folders id be happy to give up, not opposed to giving multiples ! https://toyhou.se/KINGDODGER/characters/folder:183502 https://toyhou.se/KINGDODGER/characters/tags:1/tagged:tertiary/folder:290825


KINGDODGER Hi, thank you for your interest! I will def go through them when I get home and let you know if I see anyone that interests me ^^


I understand definitely ;//A//; how about this one that I also linked ? https://toyhou.se/2429657.sheryl you'd be getting full ownership ! I guess you weren't interested in her but just in case you just missed that part of my post I wanted to make sure !! No need to reply if ya're not interested ! ;//A//;


Ace-Of-Shadow I don't think I would be able to connect to her that well, so I'd have to decline, sorry ^^;;