[6/27] Selling/trading ocs (half off)

Posted 3 years, 16 days ago (Edited 3 months, 28 days ago) by CHR0NOSTASIS

I dont get paid until the end of da week but still need some funds so Everyone in my trade/sale folder with a price is half-off! The most tentative one is the fella by elfen so i would prefer to sell him last.

Easy Characters

Regular trades 


Everyone (includes tentative characters!)

Please make sure you read my likes and dislikes before offering.

What I'm looking for [in order of importance]:

  • Resales!
  • CS 
    • I am especially looking for stygians of any type! 
    • Cs im interested in are stygians, spinxyn, dainties, dreamies (human skintone on face please...), and cyzlphs! 
  • Masculine or androgynous one-off characters
    • I have pretty broad tastes! If you want a visual for the kind of stuff i like though, you can check my ,Toyhouse favorites or my dA favorite designs! This is just to get a feel for what i like, characters on here are by no means an auto-accept!

What I am NOT Looking for (please do not offer!): 

  • Gaia, picrew, or other maker adopts!
  • Art-only offers
  • Customs unless ive expressed interest in them before!
  • Feral, anthro, or -taur characters unless it is a stygian-shade species.
  • Money for characters not in the "sales" tag. The tag is just called "sale" so if a character doesnt have that then theyre not for sale!
  • Things on my list of dislikes. 

If you offer me a folder of stuff primarily on my list of dislikes, i wont respond to your message.

I am fine with three-way trades, but please ask me first (so i know)!  


My offer also stands for the shark boys too^


Pokibloodfallen sorry, that character doesnt interest me any unfortunately!


Jesi-Jess yo! (Sorry for such a late response,  just got off work!) Im interested in ryong yeong su, but do you mind if i think on it and give you a response when im back home later today? Thank you!


Jesi-Jess Yo! Thanks so much for waiting!

I decided to go with another offer for the neon hazard fellas, but thank you so much regardless!


humandisaster Yo! For Cain i'd only be looking at mantispire swaps or characters from the Stygian-Shade closed species! I just got the little guy so im rather tent on em! ^-^