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Thanks for all the offers~


Hi! I'm interested in your beros Ailis and Ellysa <3 I'm offering designs possibly here (some are more tentative than others)

and art <3 ofc, this can be discussed!

Thankyou for looking~


koporii Hello ♥ You have some real cuties, but no one caught my eye sorry ;v; Thank you for the offer tho (and btw your art is stunning ♥♥)


I have these characters you may like?

Usami (Heartpuff) (If she does interest you would you be willing to offer two of any of the ones below? Just because she's valued at $250 and it would be quite a value diference on my side //;; ) 
Ai (Hacuubii) 
Eclair (Sueweetie)
Ichika (Sueweetie) 
Pixie (Sueweetie) (Tentative on her ;; )

I'm interested in these ones!

Thank you so much for looking!! >w< <33


//WHEEZES SHARDS IM HERE TO OFFER TOO AAA //slapped (I'm so glad that my design is among your nft ones ;///A///; makes me so happy that my design is loved !)

I can offer characters from @Pandora-Trades, from my secondaries and art <3


I also have this MYO Beromimi from a collab between Sueweetie and Misheta! If you would consider her for or <33 (Could I ask that you could let me know if you're not interested?)

Again thank you so much!! <33


Doodilies Sorry for taking a while to reply ;v; This was such a tough decision, but I'm going to have to decline. Your children are lovely but I don't think I can part with my bbys for them. Thank you so much for the offer tho ♥

Ace-Of-Shadow You have so many cute kids ahhh ♥♥ Sadly I'm going to have to say no (love your kids...i'm just suuuper picky). Thanks for the offer >v<
(Sidenote, I don't have the time to shower Youko with more love but I adore her so much!! She's so lovely!! And honestly, one of my fave designs ♥♥)


No that's okay!Thank you so much for looking!

I'm going to bother you one last time and ask then would you perhaps consider any of them for Meru? It's okay if not!! <3


Doodilies Ahhh such a tempting offer >o< Is it alright if I take one or two days to think it over?


Oh absolutely! May I know who it is you're considering? (Or if depending on who I may be able to offer multiple!!) o: <33


Doodilies I'm most interested in Eclair, Pixie & Eleanor (if she's available)! But they all have far more extras than Meru, so if a trade does happen, I'm happy to offer 1-2 pieces of my own art to make up for it


Ahh! No don't worry about doing extra art!! I don't mind!! I'm actually happy to add some art on my side! (If that interests you!) <33
Also! Would you be okay if this is a 3-way? If you are interested in trading, that is! (I'm not sure if they're interested but if they're not I'd still love to trade as I do love Meru! //// )


Doodilies I'm fine with 3-ways! If it's alright, may I ask who you'd be trading with?

Ahh your chibis are adorable ♥♥ If the trade doesn't fall through, would you ever be interested in an AT with me?


Yayy thank youu!! It would be with Jutsika! (I've yet to ask them but that's the plan!) Also for Elenor I was actually only looking for swaps! I'msosorry ;;; I thought I'd ask you first but there's another Bero that I'll be trading her for!! I just wanted to let you know ;;;; I hope that's okay!! But if she's really in the end the only one you'd trade Meru for please let me know! I'm going to wait for you! (Take your time)

Aww I'm so honoured you'd want to?!? /// I would love to!! I'm getting a new bero bb and it would be lovely to get some art of them! But I've got a few commissions to go ;; If you are interested I could get back to you once I've finished them all? <33 (I think I'll be done in two days!!) But if you go through with the trade I would be happy to offer 2 chibis!! (One for the art trade and one for the trade!) I can also do a little headshot chibi for you in the same style too! (As an addon for the trade! if you want to go though!)<33


Doodilies Alright, thanks for the info :] I think I'm more interested in Pixie & Eclair than Elenor so you can go ahead with the other trade, no worries (I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting  :'<)

That's fine! I'll still need 1 or 2 days to think things over so we can certainly discuss something then >v<


It is le me again 8D for Ellysa I can offer this bab ! (has been offered to me but I have no use for her, I am allowed to offer her !)