selling + ota on cute characters

Posted 3 months, 25 days ago (Edited 1 month, 10 days ago) by junowani

Reusing thread..... again.......

click here for the folder!!

i want:
> money or points;
> art (of humans);
> characters (humans)!

no thanks:
> customs;
> furry stuff;
> anything not listed above!

for money/point payments, please be able to send the full amount within 24 hours or i will cancel the transaction.

for art payments, please be able to finish the offer within a reasonable amount of time, which we can discuss! regardless of that, i would love to get updates after a month or so!

please see each character profile separately for more info!


fffff i was interested in !!

I can offer charas from here (not Mains or Writersblock):


KingPrawn OHH you have some awesome characters!! I didn’t see anyone I would trade for Liam, but thank you so much for offering!


I'm highly interested in ; v ;

Does anyone here or maybe here and art interest you?


Sanmedare Akdkaksk I bought Nikolai wayyy too recently after a long year of wanting him, so I’m gonna have to pass TuT I love your characters tho! Did you like anyone else?


Ahh that's understandable! glad you finally got him tho ; o ; <3333 I totally can relate with you tbh hgfdsgsfd I recently and finally got a design I wanted for a loooong time dfgfsdf <3333

I like Nikolai the most, but other than him was Pancake or Pax but they're more of a maybe side ; o ;


Sanmedare akskakska it feels so amazing to buy things we want ;u; I never thought I’d get Nikolai ahhh<33

I really like Astray!! Would you consider trading him with Pancake?? I’m a bit unsure of it myself but!


You're super lucky to be able to get him tbh!! <3 Such a snack ; o ;;;;;

sdhghgds I literally got Astray like 2-3 days ago ; o ; atm I do have plans for him, but if I change my mind I'll defo consider for Pancake just not now ;;;;


Sanmedare Yeah I thought so, I saw Sytriel selling him just the other day!! My friend really had an eye on him so I wanted to buy him for her but— no money OTLL

Yess please let me know!! Thank you so much for the interest, have fun with Astray!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


aah no worries! thank you so much, your characters are lovely too ^^ thanks for your time!


Ayano Akskakd your characters are so pretty?? I especially loved Cersei!! I’m not sure if I would trade either of those for them though, so I think I’ll pass for now ToT Thank you so much for the offer!!