HQ Characters UFT/S incl. Pop CS || LF: Art!!

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Reusing thread..... again.......

Edit: Added more!!

Hallo, I decided to downsize and rehome some of these characters. I just want to make it clear that I love all of these characters and the reason they're here is because after many months, I couldn't fit them into any story, or even because I ended up associating them with bad memories and situations that I'm trying to forget. I'll be open to giving all of these designs a second chance if I don't see an offer I like, so please understand if I'm picky!

(click the image to see all, or read below to see what I'm looking for for each!)

BabyPippo Parfumimi: Fufu (Pippo design swap; art)
Feebii GA Kinoko (CS by Shiohh): Chiyo (Would prefer a resell)

More pretty kiddos!!
Yamiu MYO (art)
AS-Adopts fantasy design (resell)
Also an AS-Adopts design with lots art (art, resell)
dolladopts design, old main/sona (art, resell)
a random design by yours truly (art, sell)
Mouse kemonomimi girl (art, resell)

I'm looking for these things:
• Art (main priority; I like cutesy anime styles and such)
• Resells (the ones with an * are the ones I can't resell)

I'm not looking for these things:
• Characters (except for Fufu);
• Virtual currency and gift cards;
• Customs

Please understand if I'm a little picky orz


Ahhh I'm so sorry, I can only do lined or fully shaded greyscale art ;;_;;


Okay! I had to make sure!

I have a really good idea for her and I will get the art done today or tomorrow!

4 Fullbodies and 4 chibis digital and flat colored 

Examples: https://toyhou.se/2397461.art

Or if you want pixels instead of chibis I can also do that like this!


Edit: I’m willing to do more!


Hanabi-Momo aaaaw that’s unfortunate!! ;__; I think I’ll have to pass on your offer, sadly!! Thank you so much anyway!!

mrpurpledork Akskaks your style is super cute and I especially love the way you do pixels!! But I just don’t think it’s quite what I’m looking for right now TnT I hope you understand, thank you so much for your interest anyway!!


Ah okay! it’s fine. would you consider selling in the future? 


mrpurpledork I might consider if it’s for the same price I paid + commission ($57)! //sorry for the late reply OTL//


It’s fine! and I’ll definitely come back!


What would be a rough price idea for aeleen (and can you pm me because i lose track of threads easily) thanksss


Cialline PM’ed!!