Selling Meowl

Posted 5 months, 15 days ago (Edited 2 days, 14 hours ago) by Cottoneeh

i'm thinking about reselling my Meowl boy.
I really adore him, but I feel like i'm not doing him justice.
So i'd love to see, if someone would like to give him a new home.

I might look at a swap maybe? or at Dreamys.

This is him:
Price would be 150$

Not sure how long i'll keep this open yet.


Eira is sold, thanks you everyone for your interest!
I'd also consider selling my MYO Meowl. 
for 45$ (that is what i paid for the MYO slot) or i'll look at swaps or dreamys!

She is not fcfs either for resell.

Please PM me if interested ~


Ohh dreamies are a species, I thought it meant you wish you could have them

Sorry this is a bit unrelated ^^;

Luz Ace-Of-Shadow

Hello Coto ! would you happen to be interested in her for any of them ? ;; it would be for a three way trade !



They are cute but not really my cup of tea ;w; gomen