Dreamys for swap

Posted 16 days, 22 hours ago (Edited 16 days, 22 hours ago) by Cottoneeh

I figured out that i'd like to look for some possible swaps for These babies.
Also be willing to swap multiples for one I really love ~
I'm not Looking to get rid of them! i just want to see if there is a dreamy i'd use more?
Might take them down if I feel like it ~

Dreamies for swap:
Aurora is very tentative.. and Azula & Rosalie are a Pairing <3

Preferences for dreamies (but not limited to):
- light colors
- females
- wing fins are 99,99% instant yes <3

Please PM me all offers ~


Ohh dreamies are a species, I thought it meant you wish you could have them

Sorry this is a bit unrelated ^^;

MYO Dreamy - TBN Ace-Of-Shadow

Hello Coto ! would you happen to be interested in her for any of them ? ;; it would be for a three way trade !



They are cute but not really my cup of tea ;w; gomen